Almost a half day at urgent care

After last night accident of breaking my finger almost I had a uneven sleep which took me off so early from the bed around 6:30 am. I was feeling quite okay and had to take my bath without having my fingers wet. It was very hard to do that; believe me. Finally I made to my office somehow.

I really had bad time in using my mouse since my index finger was hurt. I was pretty okay with the typing though; managed the show well with the other fingers. I was sharing what happened last nigh with one my colleague, and he was the one who referred me to go check with doctor. He helped me in finding out what kind of befits I have and which all kind of treatment are available to me with my insurance.

I called up the insurance people and confirmed that they have 100% coverage on particular type of incident. Then I figured out the urgent care hospital near to my place. MedStat a urgent care unit of Kosciusko Community Hospital was nearer and I called them to confirm they participate in my insurance network. Then I moved on there by 12:00 pm.

I had to complete few formality at the hospital check-in. Then I payed my co-payment amount for the insurance coverage and was asked to wait. Within few moments, I had a nurse to assist me with. She was little talkative and collected as much information needed for their medical record. Then she did basic medical checkup viz. body temperature, blood pressure and pulse rate. And she found everything was okay with me. did I tell you? already a hour is over for this 🙁

After gathering data, she asked me to wait till she get a doctor for me. Meanwhile she also removed the first-aid band which i used. I was too bad 🙁 with frozen blood and loose skin around 🙁 Then I had to wait for some more time to see the physician. He arrived gently with my case notes. He was very gentle and was explaining things neatly. Only after that I realized it was much better since I made it to the hospital. I had huge amount of loose skin and frozen blood due to trap, it would collapsed it totally If i didn’t give attention to it.

The physician confirmed with me if i had tetanus shot before in recent year. FYI, tetanus shot is good for 10 year if you had a consecutive shots for 3 times. Since I almost met that he didn’t want me to take it again. He was gentle enough to clean all those stuff out and cut the skin over. He really made me feel better. He also confirmed that it was a fracture by asking me to certain finger movements. So there was no need to X-ray at least. Finally he provided me with the medical instructions and everything i wanted to treat myself for next few days. He wanted to come back if something really goes worse.

Finally i was so much relief, you know what it was almost 3:00. And we (me and friend who took me to hospital) were missing the lunch so we decided to go to the same Chinese again. I had Chicken Fry Rice and Chicken Curry; it was too spicy and hot as requested by us 🙂 The afternoon got over so quick out of office;-)

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  1. Hey… so, now you know wat you shoud *not* be talking abt 😀

  2. Take care ben… n be a silenthunter as u say…esp when u r hungry…

  3. @Chris, Yep.. I would remember that until my pain gets rid off 🙂

    @Shantha, Thank you for your caring words sis 🙂 Sure.. I would try to be 😉

  4. Things are now the same in India too….. 😉

  5. Agreed, but to a level it is better i would say 🙂

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