I almost broke my finger

Oopss! It was a bad evening and a weird typing now. Yes, I almost broke my right pointing finger accidentally. But fortunately I almost had the luck of not breaking it completely and saving a lot of doctor fee 🙂 It really hurt me badly at that moment.

Right, here is what happened this evening. My friends and me decided to have dinner in one of our favorite Chinese restaurant located at downtown. We drove to that place from our apartment, we’re having some interesting discussion going on while driving (I’m not gonna tell about the discussion though :-!)

It was my bad time started then, with the hot discussion on; I got out of the car in direction i was sitting. I didn’t bother to take my hands complete out and gave the door complete push with my other hand. Thanks to my friend who drove the car; he locked the door as soon as everyone is out. See how hurry people are in 🙁 It was the moment my pain climbed the rocket high. Damn, my finger was almost stuck between the car door. And I couldn’t help myself because of central lock 🙁 I believe it would be around 30 sec I was held helpless.

Thanks to my friends who realized what went wrong and came into the rescue. I really appreciate their help. I was almost exhausted with the pain! We did have a hard time to figure out if the finger is broken or not. All were worried since if we’re getting to a hospital for any reason, they are going to charge no less than 1000$. They will start with X-ray blah.. blah.. etc.. and will never give a immediate attention unless it is urgent.

Even though with these constraints, I decided to try some hospital near by. But my luck on the way to hospital i tried few basic hand movements and confirmed it is not broke and is only a minor injury. Thank you god 🙂 Well.. then I have to grow my confidence a little bit and started to drive away the pain. We dropped the hospital plan and saved some big bucks. On the way back, we go the first aid bandage from a pharmacy. After that i was feeling much better than I was.

Before ending, I would like to share few precautionary measures while getting out of the car.

  • Don’t fall into deep discussion that takes away your attention while getting out of the car.
  • Make sure you use the same hand toward the direction you sit to close the door. That will make sure all your stuff is out 🙂
  • Don’t close the door too harsh. It might save you from getting hurt badly.

Finally, we didn’t miss the dinner at Chinese 🙂 I had Shrimp Fry Rice finally but had to take it slow with my almost broken finger!

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  3. Check it dude…..if you had hair fracture, you couldnt say the difference…..

  4. That’s true… but took the risk and now things are okay.!!

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