Tips to increase blog traffic

“Write what your readers would like to read”.

— a mantra all bloggers should follow

Hmm.. it’s very very true. If you like to write something don’t write just for your shake make that readers like to read it too!! But how do you know what a reader likes to read? Besides different people have different tastes. What I have to say is that- whatever content you write, pay attention to your writing style.


Here are some more tips on increasing your blog traffic by improving your style on writing contents:

  1. Use Attractive Titles

    Using attractive titles is one way of getting readers to visit your blog from Search Engines and Feeds. Also, use keywords in your title that relate to the post. Use attractive title and description while you submit to blog directories.


    Use numbers / buzzwords in your title. Using titles like ‘‘10 best pratices’, ‘100 ways to’’, ‘Top 5’, etc can help you to grab readers attention and visit your blog.

  2. Be Unique

    Readers come to your blog to read something different. They will not come just to read what they have read on other blogs. Making your blog stand out from other blogs both in content and design is important if you want to have repeat visitors.


  3. Link to the source

    If you post about some interesting news that you just read on your favorite News site, link to it (the source). Chances are there for readers from that news blog will visit your blog from the pingback on the site. Also, it helps make your content look informative.

  4. Write your content using lists

    I’ve seen blogs that make up to the top place will use lists for this contents. Use appropriate list, ordered (numbered) or unordered (bullet) list dependingp upon the content structure. Using lists can make your post both visually appealing and interesting to read. It helps readers who are just scanning your text to see if your posts fits what they are looking for. The content must not bescattered; it should be in well organized and managed manner.

  5. Write Tutorials

    Write handy tutorials that will make your readers walk through a process that teaches them how to achieve a goal. Tutorials have more chance of getting bookmarked in Bookmarking sites or other blogs which will get you plenty of readers and links. Write down unique tutorial which are more specific which will get you top position in the search engine results.

  6. Don’’t change your blogs topic

    Once you choose what you blog about on your blog, don’’t change it. Your readers come to read posts on that topic. Writing posts on a different topic will not look good for your blog. And if done thfrustratedusturate the reader.

  7. Write on Technological stuff

    Write more about latest technological happening. Most of the readers are tech savy. Also chance of hits from search engine is high.

  8. Link to your older posts

    Don’’t expect your readers to have been reading your posts from the time you started your blog. So next time, when you write about things you have written previously, link to them.

Now your blog will start getting as much decent traffic 🙂


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