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Pandora is an automated music recommendation service based on previous users selection and free Internet music radio service created by The Music Genome Project. Pandora is Music discovery service uses an open-source development platform to connect users to the songs they love. Listening to music in Pandora is much easier; trust me. It will just

Yahoo Time Capsule :: One World Many Voices

Yahoo Time Capsule :: One World Many Voices From October 10 until November 8, Yahoo users can contribute to an amazing project called Yahoo Time Capsule by submitting photos, writings, videos, audio that define your world today. The Time Capsule is organized around ten themes, chosen to illuminate different corners of the human experience. The :: Good bye MSN, Hello Live

Windows Live Search is the new buzz name for MSN search. Live Search was out of beta few days back in US and UK, still awaiting the local search features made available for India. Live Search has started powering MSN homepage. There is no much talk about the new Live. I tried the new search, Smarter way to discover sites

Don’t Search… Just Stumble!!! A new promising way to discover Thanks to for bringing in lot of visitors to my blog site in the recent past; which made me write this post 🙂 In recent weeks, I have been watching a steady increase in the number of referrers being sent from the site StumbleUpon.

YouOS, a new kind of computing platform

YouOS is a kind of web-based operating system. Web-based OS is still at the idea level and YouOs is still in its Alpha stage. I came across this site recently. YouOS is an experiment in a new kind of computing platform. YouOS allows you to run a virtual computer through a web browser. YouOS keeps