Partition Table Doctor, manage your partition

Partition Table Doctor is a tool for managing Partition tables. Partition Table Doctor is effective when it comes to Partition recovery and hard disk data recovery. This tool was great help for me when I was struggling with Partition errors. It was a wretched night for me; I was under assumption that entire thing got

Tips to speed up bittorrent download

Tips to tweak the torrent client to speed up the torrent download rate. The new file sharing protocol bittorrent has changed everything when it comes to file sharing. It is a great platform for downloading large files. Sharing of files is so simple and file types are not restricted which include movies, iso images and

Oracle server uptime

The following query works well with Oracle 9i. i’ve no clue whether this works with others too or not. SELECT TO_CHAR (startup_time, 'DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS') "DB Startup Time" FROM SYS.v_$instance; even there is possiblity to find the startup time by quering logon_time from sys.v_$session view.

Forcing Outlook to send emails only with subject

It’s important and mandatory that the emails we send have relevant “subject” to it. At times, we miss to mention the subject and send email. Please follow the simple steps below which will prevent you from sending a mail without a subject. This should/must be configured in office mailbox in which subjects are more crucial.

Remove Ads in Yahoo Messenger

Tweak to remove the annoying ads that is displayed in Yahoo Messenger chat and web-cam window. If you have installed the newest Yahoo Messenger 8.0 or Yahoo Messenger 7.5 you’ll notice a very annoying animated ad at the bottom of the main window, web-cam & chatroom etc.. I’m sure it’s hard to resist to Yahoo’s

Oracle Hidden Parameters

Oracle initialization or INIT.ORA parameters with an underscore in front are hidden or unsupported parameters. One can get a list of all hidden parameters by executing this query: SELECT * FROM SYS.x$ksppi WHERE SUBSTR (ksppinm, 1, 1) = '_'; The following query displays parameter names with their current value: SELECT a.ksppinm "Parameter", b.ksppstvl "Session Value",

Rename Oracle database username

No, this is not available till now in Oracle and has been noted down as a enhancement request. Still here is a workaround way of doing that: Do a user-level export of user A create new user B import system/manager from user=A to user=B drop user A