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Top 5 Popular Torrent Sites of 2007

Have you ever wondered about what would be the most 5 popular torrent site of 2007? Guess what, here we have the list of torrents that made into top five position based on popularity this year.

Last year I compiled the list of popular torrents based on the few selection parameters. This year I have decided to put most top 5 list based on popularity.

The selections criteria are based on following parameter. The main factor of popularity was based on the traffic site receives (Alexa Ranking has been used to determine it). The second factor for popularity was number of sites that are linking in (Yahoo inbound links has been used to determine it). Also average number of peers has been taken into consideration for tracker sites that made into the list. [A ~ 60 | Y ~ 2.73M | P ~ 16M]

Mininova The ultimate BitTorrent source!

Mininova has been simply the best of torrent sites for year. Mininova has crossed its one million torrents listing and three billion torrents download this year. In addition to indexing, Mininova has its own tracker also. Mininova tops our popular torrent sites list this year as usual.

2. [A ~160 | Y ~ 2.83M | P ~ 15M]

isoHunt - World's largest BitTorrent and P2P search engine

IsoHunt is a popular torrent index and torrent search engine. IsoHunt is one among the few sites that withstood the legal battle on piracy even though it had to take away it own torrent tracking service TorrentBox from US. IsoHunt uses tracker cross-referencing that enables to track across identical trackers across other tracker sites.

3. [A ~ 165 | Y ~ 2.83M | P ~ 8 M]

ThePirateBay - Download music, movies, games, software! The Pirate Bay - The worlds largest BitTorrent tracker

ThePirateBay is one of the world’s largest torrent trackers. ThePirateBay also gives clutter free interface for the user. TPB has its own tracker for its torrent index and has top listing of torrents etc. ThePirateBay also has released it own browser toolbar. This is one of my personal favorite all time.

4. [A ~ 197 | Y ~ 2.64M]

Torrentz - Torrent's search engine

TorrentZ has a powerful and advanced search engine that enables you to search for the filenames rather than torrents. TorrentZ is only site that makes into list without featuring its own tracker. TorrentZ only indexes torrents available on another trackers. Another plus point is TorrentZ is ads free! [A ~ 580 | Y ~ 1.67M | P ~ 3M]


BTJunkie is one among the largest and more advanced torrent search engines. BTJunkie crawler indexes both the public and private torrents, which put together gives a most comprehensive torrents listing. BTJunkie also know for indexing most number of torrents in total.

Alexa Torrent Stats for Top 5 torrent sites for year 2007
A – Alexa Rank
Y – Yahoo InLinks
P – Average Number of Peers
Also checkout the Alexa traffic for page views for these torrent sites for year of 2007.

This year special mention goes to Demonoid and TorrentSpy. Both of them were doing exceptionally well during last year. Demonoid remained to be a largest private tracker site. Demonoid was completely bought down couple of months back. In TorrentSpy case, they index is still active but the search feature has been disable for US visitors due to the piracy issue.Altogether this year was full of battles on piracy. You can read more information on torrents at TorrentFreak.

Let me ask you this question. Have you ever used torrents? Do you think they are against piracy?

Update 12/29 : TorrentFreak has listed it top popular torrent sites

Top 10 Popular Torrent Sites of 2006

A top 10 popular torrent sites list of 2006

As we’re close to New Year, I decided to put up a comprehensive list of torrent site that were popular in year 2006.

The criteria I used to evaluate these torrent sites were; ease of use and searching, speed of access, information provided about the files, information provided about the current torrent status etc. Moreover traffic ranking was taken into account for the list.

Mininova The ultimate BitTorrent source!Mininova is simple to use and biggest torrent listing sites. The site started in January 2005 as a successor SuprNova, It is a directory and search engine for all kinds of torrent files. Visitors of mininova can anonymously upload torrents to this site, tracked by any BitTorrent tracker. The word ‘mininova’ ranked 9 on Google’s list of most queried terms in 2006. Mininova is our top picks for this year.

TorrentSpy.comTorrentSpy is a popular BitTorrent indexing Web Site. It hosts torrent and provides a forum to comment on them, as well as a graphical portrayal of how healthy the torrents are. Torrentspy was as popular as Mininova and made it to 2nd place.

ThePirateBay - Download music, movies, games, software! The Pirate Bay - The worlds largest BitTorrent trackerThe Pirate Bay (often abbreviated TPB) is an Internet site that bills itself as the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker, and also serves as an index for torrent files that it tracks. Due to BitTorrent’s ability to handle extremely large files, it is popular for sharing large music sets, movies and software as well as Linux distribution discs.

isoHunt - World's largest BitTorrent and P2P search engineisoHunt is a popular BitTorrent index. isoHunt is one of the most popular search engines for BitTorrent links. The website has been sued for copyright infringement recently. Isohunt has a large collection of varied content.

Demonoid - The best private torrent sourceDemonoid is a popular private BitTorrent tracker for the peer-to-peer distribution of files. The website features a publicly accessible search engine, although membership is required to download more than three torrents per week. Demonoid will allow user registration only on Friday’s. Demonoid is a private BitTorrent tracker, however it also indexes external torrents that make us to place them in 5th place.

Torrentz - Torrent's search engineTorrentz is a popular Torrent indexing and Torrent search engine. It does not help to track your torrents. The torrent search engine is more advance as it allows you to search for files within the torrents. If you’re looking for unique stuff you should prefer this site.

TorrentPortal - BitTorrent Search IndexTorrent Portal is famous for holding large number of active torrents. The search feature gives powerful options to its users. The torrent portal is ad supported for standard Free members.

8. - Torrent ListingTorrentBox is your best source for the greatest torrents. TorrentBox also lets users to track their torrents. TorrentBox also features a forum, directory and simple search engine for torrents.

TorrentReactor News - Latest Torrents - Torrentreactor.TO - The most active torrents on the web TorrentReactor has the comprehensive listing of torrents. The site claims it has the most active torrents. TorrentReactor was much popular in the beginning of year, but still managed a position in the top list.

Torrent Search Engine Searcher - Torrent Scan TorrentScan is gaining popularity these days. TorrentScan scans across all the popular bit torrent search engines. It has comprehensive collection of torrent search engines, which make the user to get their required torrent with ease.

Special mention goes to was one of the popular torrent search site and my favorite during the start of year. It has lost completely the popularity now because of reliability issues.

Warning: is not accountable and responsible for the content of any site that has been listed above.

Tips to speed up bittorrent download


Tips to tweak the torrent client to speed up the torrent download rate.

The new file sharing protocol bittorrent has changed everything when it comes to file sharing. It is a great platform for downloading large files. Sharing of files is so simple and file types are not restricted which include movies, iso images and MP3. Even illegal file sharing is getting popular because of this.

The Bittorrent system can be slow at times so let us tweak bittorrent sharing program a little bit.

There are a bunch of different bittorrent clients that you can download. I personally prefer BitCommet and uTorrent.

Here I’ll explain how to speed up uTorrent Client. Similar can be implemented on any other torrent clients of you’re favorite.

Step 1: (For Windows XP only)

You need to increase the number of TCP connections that are allowed at max.Windows XP Service Pack 2 came with the number of allowed open connections to 10. This is to stop any piece of spyware(inour case bittorent client even) from totally taking over your internet connection. TCP connection allowed should be 50 for optimal performance. The best way to increase the maximum number of connections is to apply patch that is available at This step has to be redone whenever new service pack is installed to your computer.

Step 2:

The little tweak to the torrent client works great in certain times. If you’re using uTorrent go to Options menu then Preferences. In the Preferences go the Advanced Options. In the advanced options change the net.max_halfopen connections to 80. In the same section change the max half open tcp connections to 80. Once your done click on OK and you are all set. This tweak will let the maximum TCP connection available for the bittorrent client. Now start downloading you’ll realize a little difference in the download speed.

You can also use port forwarding technique which is more effective that this.

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