36 Christian Ways to Reduce Stress

I have received this email forward from my friend Gershom. This was really useful and sensible. Thanks for the fella who originated this email chain.

An Angel says, “Never borrow from the future. If you worry about what may happen tomorrow and it doesn’t happen, you have worried in vain. Even if it does happen, you have to worry twice.”

  1. Pray
  2. Go to bed on time.
  3. Get up on time so you can start the day unrushed.
  4. Say No to projects that won’t fit into your time schedule, or that will compromise your mental health.
  5. Delegate tasks to capable others.
  6. Simplify and unclutter your life.
  7. Less is more. (Although one is often not enough, two are often too many.)
  8. Allow extra time to do things and to get to places.
  9. Pace yourself. Spread out big changes and difficult projects over time; don’t lump the hard things all together.
  10. Take one day at a time.
  11. Separate worries from concerns. If a situation is a concern, find out what God would have you do and let go of the anxiety. If you can’t do anything about a situation, forget it.
  12. Live within your budget; don’t use credit cards for ordinary purchases.
  13. Have backups; an extra car key in your wallet, an extra house key buried in the garden, extra stamps, etc.
  14. KMS (Keep Mouth Shut); this single piece of advice can prevent an enormous amount of trouble.
  15. Do something for the Kid in You everyday.
  16. Carry a Bible with you to read while waiting in line.
  17. Get enough rest.
  18. Eat right.
  19. Get organized so everything has its place.
  20. Listen to a tape while driving that can help improve your quality of life.
  21. Write down thoughts and inspirations.
  22. Every day, find time to be alone.
  23. Having problems? Talk to God on the spot. Try to nip small Problems in the bud. Don’t wait until it’s time to go to bed to try and pray.
  24. Make friends with Godly people.
  25. Keep a folder of favorite scriptures on hand.
  26. Remember that the shortest bridge between despair and hope is often a good “Thank you Jesus.”
  27. Laugh.
  28. Laugh some more!
  29. Take your work seriously, but not yourself at all.
  30. Develop a forgiving attitude (most people are doing the best they can).
  31. Be kind to unkind people (they probably need it the most).
  32. Sit on your ego.
  33. Talk less; listen more.
  34. Slow down.
  35. Remind yourself that you are not the general manager of the universe
  36. Every night before bed, think of one thing you’re grateful for that you’ve never been grateful for before.


If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

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  1. I’m not sure that ‘Christian’ should used to describe most of these, but we can all use ways to reduce stress.

  2. Nice. Perhaps godly or spiritual or wholesome would work too.

  3. It’s all good except for, “find out what God would have you do” owing to there being no God that will actually provide answers to questions, in the way that say Google for instance, does.

    While I’m at it dear Christian brothers & sisters; technology, and particularly electronics, has been developed by the secular and largely atheist scientific community that you constantly decry. Quantum mechanics, like evolution, is a only theory. It carries no authority.

    Please get off of our internet until Jesus/God quite specifically, through the medium of the holy scripture, says it is OK for you to use it. You cannot just pick up and put down science when it suits you. Either you’re in or you’re out ok?

  4. Thanks for sharing this list. Some of them should be so obvious to a Christian but sadly, as we go about our days and get sucked into the world, we forget that God is on our side and in control. I plan on printing this list out and putting it where I can see it both at home and in my office. Only a person that has accepted Jesus as their personal savior and has given their life to Him could understand that Jesus does provide every answer to every question.I do not understand how such a simple post to a blog by a Christian can evoke such anger from someone as Nico in the last reply. Why are you so angry? If Christianity angers you so much, why do you want to read a blog written by a Christian. Why do beliefs other than you own, anger you so much? Personally, you sound like you need to meet my Savior and my best friend, Jesus. He might just quieten the anger in your heart.

  5. gangisnogofian

    Nico: This is not a place for your bitterness. Perhaps you could do most with some of these suggestions. Maybe if apply your ‘thorough’ research (did you say Google?) you may actually find some facts worth sharing on Christianity and the electronic age.

  6. Hi, I appreciated your list and will print it off and try to look at it everyday….thanks for taking the time to compile such a list. I am a Christian and these are Christian suggestions/values….maybe other faiths share the same…Miriam

  7. Sumesh – Thank you.

    Dan Morehead – Yes, you’re correct. But few very meant purely in Christian sense!

    Clickfire – Thank you.

    Nico – Did you miss to read the post title?

    Brenda – You’re welcome. that’s true; please tend to forget most of the times! and nice advice for others as well!

    gangisnogofiar – Nico would accept the fact I guess!

    miriam – Thank you. Nice to see few people printing out this. Hope it works great with everyone!

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