White Hat SEO Vs. Black Hat SEO

All the site or content owners are more concerned with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since this has direct impact on the traffic generated from organic source like google, yahoo, etc. In general SEO is a process of arranging the content of site / blog to gain high ranking in most of the search engines. The search engine rankings are generated by certain algorithms powered by individual search engines; SEO would create a friendly page for crawler to understand and hence try to gain higher ranking when rated by the search engine algorithm.

When it comes with SEO you will see everyone prominently talking about two techniques namely referred as White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO is bad and White Hat SEO is good based on the ethical values. Both the technique are aimed in driving more traffic from search engines.

White Hat SEO

In this the SEO start originally with the content; creating a content which unique and that answers to a searchers. Search engine optimization will make sure your site is crawlable and know to search engine robots. This level of optimization is done by rewriting the title, descriptive information etc. If required the content might also be represented in a better way but without altering the quality of the content. While writing the content correct key word considerations has be given.

In other terms white hat SEO involves creating a content that is both understandable for people and spiders. White Hat Search Engine Optimization follows all the guidelines, terms, and conditions set forth by the search engines(most likely google, yahoo, live).

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is refereed to unethical practice by which gaining a higher ranking for an irrelevant Key word or Key phrase (which is mostly highly popular). Black hat methods employs technique which fall outside of the guidelines issued by the Major Search Engines. These days Black Hat SEO techniques are used highly not just to gain ranking against popular keywords but also to compete with other webmasters.

This is also sometime refereed as search engine spamming. I’m not going to talk about the methods in creating it but in simple heavy usage of keyword, creating doorway pages, etc. Black hat technique might generate high traffic for only short period of time.

The search engine alogrithms are getting smarter and it will penalize the site if it has employed black hat techniques to gain ranking. Be care in choosing which SEO methodology you are going to deploy in your site. If you’re looking for a SEO consultant make sure they doesn’t deploy any black hat technique.

Which hat would you wear when it comes to SEO?

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  1. It is always advised to be an advocate of White Hat SEO. Blackhat is for those sites who want to be popular for a short period of time and then disappear altogether. Nothing beats gradual and solid link building.

  2. Actually, I never really bothered much about SEO. I just did what was needed and blogged what I had to.

  3. Thanks for your comments Vijay and Ajay. Nice to hear you guys are wearing White hat too.

    Content is King, this is the thumb rule; This is important key in White Hat SEO.

    Anyhow lately few content authors have tried few Black Hat SEO to gain popularity within short period and it will last only for short period anyway.!

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  5. Most link building by most SEO firms is not “natural” and is in fact blackhat according to Google. If you have to pay for it, ask for it, comment for it or insert a link in your article to gain it, then you are manipulating Google search results and Google terms that as blackhat. You just need to view the many video’s by Matt Cutts to realize that if you are doing any of the above, then you are creating links manually and violating Google’s TOS.

    It simply baffles me how many SEO experts will quickly denounce Cloaking as “unethical” or against Google’s TOS or even label it as spam which manipulates search results but then on a daily basis create artificial, manual or software generated backlinks for clients.

    If you are distributing countless articles with links or posting on blogs/forums to obtain backlinks or using automated backlinking software, isn’t that also spamming to manipulate search engine results?

    What is the difference? It all violates Google’s TOS.

    There is also a silly mindset that whitehat SEO is risk free and blackhat is full of risks. Really? How many whitehat sites, that supposedly conformed to all of Google’s TOS, suddenly lose their ranking and all their business when Google decides to do a major algorithm update? Ha! Where is the reward for loyalty from Google?

    So does “blackhat” or being “unethical” really exist anymore? Isn’t this really about traffic, conversions and surviving within an ever tightening monopoly created by Google for which we now are left with few other options, unless to line the pockets of Google shareholders.

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