I’m with Picsquare!

Finally after reading lot of reviews and comparison about online photo printing service in India. I have decided to opt for Picsqare to send some recent photos to my family back in India. I remember Christelle introduced me to this sometime back; thank you.

Picsquare Overview

Picsquare is an online photo sharing and printing site based out of Bangalore. They have a very simple user interface which they need to improve. This site is been started up young entrepreneur Indians Manish and Kartik. Printing photos with them is simple as brewing hot coffee 🙂

Quick Reasons

Even there were lot of other options to try. These are the options which made me to choose Picsquare.

  • I aways like to give thumbs up to young entrepreneurs
  • I wanted to give a try basically to online printing service in India
  • I had 25 credits in my Picsqare account 🙂
  • I love offers and they were running summer offer this time 🙂
  • I wanted to pay simple and they had paypal.

BTW, the photos I have ordered has been printed already and they currently in shipped status. More to come about Picsqaure once I get feed back from my parents. Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for the link and let me know about the quality

  2. Sure Ram. Would keep you all posted on that.!

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