My experience with Picsquare

A week back I ordered photo prints with Picsquare. I have heard back from my parents that they have received the prints. I’m extremely happy with their service and I will give thumbs up to them. Well done guys. The photo quality was good and they have met the delivery time as well.

Here is my feedback with Picsqaure.

  • Order process is simple
  • Good Service and Nice quality prints
  • Nice promotional offers (like referral benefits and gift coupons)
  • Prompt with delivery; they made within estimated delivery date.
  • Integration with Flickr


These are the possible area where they can improve on and these points are based on my personal opinion.

  • The site response time is comparatively slow; they need to work on it.
  • Tagging, it doesn’t solve the purpose in Picsqare. Tags are meant for managing things easy. With Picsqare managing tags itself it pretty hard. They need to come up with niche tagging interface and make managing them easier.
  • Multi upload feature allows you to tag photos but it tags all photo with only single tag. I don’t get an option to enter tag for each photo.
  • Overall interface can be changed; didn’t meet Web 2.0 standards
  • Few photo management options can be added like cropping, rotate etc.
  • More customization is required when it comes to Photo gifts.
  • More integration with other photo sharing service like Picasa etc.

I might have left out few; I will keep updating the list. If Picsqare is able to overcome its shortcomings, it can capitalize over its competitors like itasveer

Good Luck guys!

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  1. Good to hear about your experience.
    I do agree they should improve their UI a bit to stand out in the competition. Personally i like iTasveer.

  2. iTasveer sounds promising too.. may be I can try that next time. There is a different reason for being with Picsquare 🙂

  3. I didnt know that Picsquare was Indian site, will try it out for sure. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  4. There is whole bunch of Indian site for this purpose. You may need to refer ram’s list for full list here

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