Aug 07

Panasonic Lumix FZ50

I always wanted to own an advanced digital camera. I have been thinking for a while and I have been annoying some of my friends (Chris, Sailesh and Amir) who are really good at photography. Finally I decided to purchase Panasonic Lumix FZ50 (goldcoster’s Lumix review helped me make a decision too). I ordered the camera couple of days back and now I have it in my hands! I’m more excited to try it out, so wait for more detailed review!

Lumix FZ50

With new camera coming in I’m planning to start a photo blog of my own. Now I’m looking for better platform for photo blogging. I’m currently trying to setup WordPress + Flickr photo blog. If you have any better suggestion for the photo blogging platform, please suggest me.

BTW, now I’m a proud owner of Lumix camera!

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Aug 07

DMP Player – portable MP3 / CD player

DMP Player is new innovative design that would allow you to play both MP3 and CD player.

DMP Player

I love the design and love to own one. What about you?

Source: Yanko Designs

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