Jun 07

Vote for Good Cause

Earlier this morning Mark at MeAndMyDrum asked his readers to vote for Thor Schrock.

Thor Schrock is participating in a contest called The Next Internet Millionaire. He has already made to Semi-Finals. Now he is trying to win the seat in the reality TV show and raise $25,000 fund for local charities.

Thor wrote and he needs help to make him the Next Internet Millionaire. So if you guys could spare a minute to vote for him using this link it would be great. Also note he has mentioned he is going to donate the entire money to local charity. So go-ahead and vote. Thank you guys and Good Luck Thor.

BTW, here is the audition video for the semi-finals.

YouTube Preview Image

Also have a look at the other fellow blogger who are raising support for him.

P.S: If you have vote please leave your comments, you will receive a free back link.

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May 07

White Hat SEO Vs. Black Hat SEO

All the site or content owners are more concerned with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since this has direct impact on the traffic generated from organic source like google, yahoo, etc. In general SEO is a process of arranging the content of site / blog to gain high ranking in most of the search engines. The search engine rankings are generated by certain algorithms powered by individual search engines; SEO would create a friendly page for crawler to understand and hence try to gain higher ranking when rated by the search engine algorithm.

When it comes with SEO you will see everyone prominently talking about two techniques namely referred as White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO is bad and White Hat SEO is good based on the ethical values. Both the technique are aimed in driving more traffic from search engines.

White Hat SEO

In this the SEO start originally with the content; creating a content which unique and that answers to a searchers. Search engine optimization will make sure your site is crawlable and know to search engine robots. This level of optimization is done by rewriting the title, descriptive information etc. If required the content might also be represented in a better way but without altering the quality of the content. While writing the content correct key word considerations has be given.

In other terms white hat SEO involves creating a content that is both understandable for people and spiders. White Hat Search Engine Optimization follows all the guidelines, terms, and conditions set forth by the search engines(most likely google, yahoo, live).

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is refereed to unethical practice by which gaining a higher ranking for an irrelevant Key word or Key phrase (which is mostly highly popular). Black hat methods employs technique which fall outside of the guidelines issued by the Major Search Engines. These days Black Hat SEO techniques are used highly not just to gain ranking against popular keywords but also to compete with other webmasters.

This is also sometime refereed as search engine spamming. I’m not going to talk about the methods in creating it but in simple heavy usage of keyword, creating doorway pages, etc. Black hat technique might generate high traffic for only short period of time.

The search engine alogrithms are getting smarter and it will penalize the site if it has employed black hat techniques to gain ranking. Be care in choosing which SEO methodology you are going to deploy in your site. If you’re looking for a SEO consultant make sure they doesn’t deploy any black hat technique.

Which hat would you wear when it comes to SEO?

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Apr 07

Diagram of a BLOG post

Have you wondered about the life cycle of blog post? I’m sure you might have, if not you will.

Here is a art work that got featured in New York Times Opinion. Paula Scher presents her thoughts on blog post here. Dan at TheWrongAdvices has provided a good summary on life cycle of blog post. This blog post is to reinstate his Tenth summary point “Wash, rinse, repeat.” 🙂

Image hosted on TheWrongAdvices

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Feb 07

Zoho to introduce Zoho Notebook

Zoho keeps on it list growing on. The latest addition to the list is Zoho Notebook. TechCrunch has a detailed coverage on the Notebook. Zoho team is lead by young and enthuasitic people. They are improving pretty weel in the type of products they are realeasing these days.

Lets us watch the Zoho Notebook demo by Raju Vegesna

YouTube Preview Image


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