Jun 07

My experience with Picsquare

A week back I ordered photo prints with Picsquare. I have heard back from my parents that they have received the prints. I’m extremely happy with their service and I will give thumbs up to them. Well done guys. The photo quality was good and they have met the delivery time as well.

Here is my feedback with Picsqaure.

  • Order process is simple
  • Good Service and Nice quality prints
  • Nice promotional offers (like referral benefits and gift coupons)
  • Prompt with delivery; they made within estimated delivery date.
  • Integration with Flickr


These are the possible area where they can improve on and these points are based on my personal opinion.

  • The site response time is comparatively slow; they need to work on it.
  • Tagging, it doesn’t solve the purpose in Picsqare. Tags are meant for managing things easy. With Picsqare managing tags itself it pretty hard. They need to come up with niche tagging interface and make managing them easier.
  • Multi upload feature allows you to tag photos but it tags all photo with only single tag. I don’t get an option to enter tag for each photo.
  • Overall interface can be changed; didn’t meet Web 2.0 standards
  • Few photo management options can be added like cropping, rotate etc.
  • More customization is required when it comes to Photo gifts.
  • More integration with other photo sharing service like Picasa etc.

I might have left out few; I will keep updating the list. If Picsqare is able to overcome its shortcomings, it can capitalize over its competitors like itasveer

Good Luck guys!

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Jun 07

I’m with Picsquare!

Finally after reading lot of reviews and comparison about online photo printing service in India. I have decided to opt for Picsqare to send some recent photos to my family back in India. I remember Christelle introduced me to this sometime back; thank you.

Picsquare Overview

Picsquare is an online photo sharing and printing site based out of Bangalore. They have a very simple user interface which they need to improve. This site is been started up young entrepreneur Indians Manish and Kartik. Printing photos with them is simple as brewing hot coffee šŸ™‚

Quick Reasons

Even there were lot of other options to try. These are the options which made me to choose Picsquare.

  • I aways like to give thumbs up to young entrepreneurs
  • I wanted to give a try basically to online printing service in India
  • I had 25 credits in my Picsqare account šŸ™‚
  • I love offers and they were running summer offer this time šŸ™‚
  • I wanted to pay simple and they had paypal.

BTW, the photos I have ordered has been printed already and they currently in shipped status. More to come about Picsqaure once I get feed back from my parents. Stay tuned!

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Jun 07

Hutch Eskimo Ad

Hutch Ads are always creative and they never try to do the same stuff again and again. And here they go with a new creative ad for Hutch & Live Search.

Be assured you watch till end; you can’t relate what is this for in the beginning of this ad. Well done hutch again.!

YouTube Preview Image

Found via NirmalTV

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Jun 07

DLF Ltd IPO :: Are you in good hands?

Lately, there is lot of hype created around DLF IPO issue. The IPO was released this Monday and the issue price is overpriced as expected.

Company Overview:

DLF Universal Limited, originally registered as Delhi Leasing and Finance on 18th September, 1946, is a leading real estate developer in India. The company essentially focuses on residential, commercial and retail segments of the real estate industry.

The DLF Group has charted it next growth steps to retain its leadership position in India. Already a major player in locations across the country, including key metro cities and urban centres, DLF, with over Six decades of experience, is focusing on strengthening its lateral and vertical business drivers. These include development of innovative business strategies, strengthening its professional resources and driving market penetration with an ear-to-the-ground approach that is adaptive to local market needs.

Read more on their About Us page

Details of the IPO:

Issue period : Between June 11, 2007 and June 14, 2007
Issue size : 175,000,000 (10.27% diluted capital of the company)
Listing on : BSE and NSE
Face Value : Rs.2
Method : 100% book building
Issue Price : Rs.500 to Rs.550 (250 to 275 times F.V.)
Market Lot : 10 shares
Minimum : 10 shares
R.I. Cap : Rs.100,000 maximum

Most of the investment advisor’s suggest to apply. However, the issue is overpriced for short-term. Investors looking for long-term benefits can apply.

Update: The issue is over subscribed already in QIB segment. The retailer segment also would get oversubscribed so be choosy in investing small amounts.

What is your verdict?

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