ChaCha, a people guided search engine

ChaCha is a next generation search engine that powers people guided search. If you’re tried up with traditional search engines with over crowded results; then you may need to try out the guided search from ChaCha.

ChaCha LogoChaCha offers search paired with a real guide who can help you in figuring out your search term. With ChaCha, Search Engine market gets into Social too. In Web 2.0 world it is almost inevitable to get away from social network. ChaCha relies upon powerful guide community which round near to 20K+. The guide gets paid upto $5 per search hour which is really great.

There are couple of methods to use search on ChaCha. They have got traditional search engine is good but same as other conventional one so it does not grab user attention. The real cool service is guide driven search, via an instant message screen on the page. While the search does not provide best information on net, it was fun searching with a guide. It is kind of calling directory service for finding some information.

ChaCha Guided Search chat
Scott A. Jones, co-founder, Chairman and CEO of ChaCha Says,

“We wanted to solve the problem search engine users are experiencing with existing services – that is, the massive volume of search results they must sift through online. We’ve addressed the problem with a comfortable and familiar search experience that improves upon the shortcomings of first-generation search engines. Connecting experienced guides with those searching for information in real-time is a powerful thing and brings a whole new dimension to Internet searching.”

Why ChaCha?

From ChaCha About page,

The answer is that it has a dual meaning. First, “Cha” means “search” in Chinese. Second, the ChaCha is a popular, fast-paced dance. Therefore, we are named ChaCha because we are the only search engine that allows people seeking information to instantly connect online with live ChaCha Guides that lead them (much as they would in the dance) to the most relevant results on the Internet.

What ChaCha has to improve?

In my initial glance and experience with ChaCha, I see these are areas ChaCha should improve upon.

  1. Chacha has to rework on the entirely on it user interface. The current user interface is overloaded that does not make the navigation much easier.
  2. Over Crowded and Non-Contextual ads makes the user experience more clumsy
  3. ChaCha should develop more versatile search algorithm to guide the user with more accurate experience.
  4. ChaCha should put in more robust technology to fight abuse. TechCrunch reports 90$ of ChaCha is prankster. It should frame stong abuse policy.

I will be writing more about ChaCha guide functionality if i get a chance to be a ChaCha guide 🙂

Bottom line, search engines goes social too.

10 thoughts on “ChaCha, a people guided search engine”

  1. Still Google can’t be beaten.I have noticed few ChaCha search guides are using Google for their searches 🙂

    May be Wikia should come up with some other plans… you got any idea what their plan was all about?

  2. Yeah, when I was at WikiCamp, Jimmy stressed upon the fact that Wiki Search is human powered and the algorithm is completely transparent. Will you join the interactive Podcast with Jimmy ?

  3. Hey Benedict, thanks for the review, especially your suggestion to improve chacha is good analysis. I don’t know it can be rival to Google..

    Kind rgrds

  4. @Thilak,
    I guess Wikia will go in different path… in ChaCha search is not human powered they are just human guided… human powered will end up something like I’m not sure how they are gonna achieve that..!! I was not aware of the podcast with Jimmy.. 🙁

    Thanks for comments. It can’t be a rival but it will lead in another spectrum…

  5. From what I’ve heard from Jimmy Wales, Wikia Search would be human editable, which means.. search results could be given thumbs up or thumbs down (or probably something like that)

  6. Hi, I am looking for building my chacha team. I will provide some tips to my referrals to ensure that they definitely pass their exam. So if anybody planning to be chacha guide then please mail me([email protected]) to join my team.
    thanks in advance.

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