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Web log analysis software and top 5


Every blogger or site owners would be aware of advantage and importance of Web Analytics. Which tool to use? It is one of the important decisions everyone should take before starting up a blog or a site.

Web Analytics widely has two approaches log file analysis and page tagging. The later is more popular these days and huge number of people tends to ignore the former. Tagging approach would add some JavaScript snippet into your blog/ site to collect the visitor data. There are several 3-rd party tools available today to facilitate tagging methodology, like Google Analytics, StatsCounter, etc.

Log file analysis approach is normally in-house and they reside within the web server itself. The analysis is based on the web server log file.

Here I’m going to brief down the advantage of log file analysis method

Advantages of log file analysis

Fast. You don’t have a burden of executing extra JavaScript code on your site; web server logs every possible transaction related to the site.

Reliable. You don’t have to rely upon user’s browser to collect their data. JavaScript may not work in some browsers or it can be disabled.

Error Information. Web server log files captures every error message and failed requests which tagging method fails and technically impossible to achieve with page tagging. Also you would be able to track hot linking information.

Spider Details. Log files also captures the spider information. It would give you the idea about how many pages were indexed and how much bandwidth it consumed etc. This might give you an idea of spider that eats your bandwidth and you can block them using robots.txt if you want.

Privacy. The log file details are kept within your server and not shared to 3-rd party.

Ease. You don’t have burden of installing a script in each and every page / blog.


Less Analysis. It doesn’t give you more detailed analysis; you have mostly do analysis manually.

Here is the list of web log file analysis software.

web log file analyzer


AWStats is one of the well-known open source web analytics-reporting tools. AWStats parses and analyzes the server log files and produces tables and bar graph output. The web reporting is done through a CGI script. AWStats would with most of the web server log format.


Webalizer is a fast and free web server log file analysis program. It produces HTML reports using tables. It has more detailed reporting.


Analog is pretty old web log analysis software among others. The data reports are made mostly using text formats.


W3Perl is more advanced free log file analyzer that allows you to gather HTTP, FTP and Email log files. It is written in Perl language and would work in any server with Perl support.


Visitors is a very fast web log analyzer for Linux, Windows, and other Unix-like operating systems. It takes as input a web server log file, and outputs statistics in form of different reports

Special Addition


FeedStater is an only available feed statistics tool for self hosted feeds. FeedStater is written in CGI and it will read the log file to report the feed statistics.

Also you should be aware of the fact Urchin is one the popular log file analyzer software and latter it was acquired by Google for its analytics.

Bottom line, I would say log file analyzer would be the best methodology but it should be used along with more advanced page tagging method to gain more insight on Web Analytics.

Have you ever used any log file analyzer before? Share your thoughts., Smarter way to discover sites

Don’t Search… Just Stumble!!! A new promising way to discover

Thanks to for bringing in lot of visitors to my blog site in the recent past; which made me write this post 🙂

StumbleUponIn recent weeks, I have been watching a steady increase in the number of referrers being sent from the site StumbleUpon. Moreover I got similar referral hits on my other site Initially I was under the assumption that StumbleUpon is some kind of SPAM site and sucking my bandwidth (Even I was thinking to ban the site IP :(). Lucky I didn’t do so since I really learned what StumbleUpon is…!! Hence I though to write about StumbleUpon, so that webmasters and other can be kept informed about the traffic 🙂 and usage as well!!

According to WikiPedia,

StumbleUpon is a commercial web discovery service which integrates peer and social networking principles with one-click blogging. StumbleUpon is a social book marking site that adhere Web 2.0 StumbleUpon helps you discover and share great websites

StumbleUpon uses the ratings from the users to form collaborative opinions on website quality. When you stumble, you will only see pages which friends and like-minded stumblers have liked. Unlike search engines or static directories, this allows for a true “democracy of the web” – all members have a say (or) as to whether a page should be passed on. These ratings connect you to more like-minded members who then show you better pages (a kind of social networking)

StumbleUpon is a Canadian start-up that recently re-located to San Francisco. It was started by Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith, and Justin LaFrance, who bootstrapped the company for much of its early life. You must the read the Interview with Justin LaFrance of StumbleUpon.

Just don’t wait try out the StumbleUpon tool bar which is compatible with both IE and Firefox. Membership is free, and the database is accessed through a no-spyware tool-bar you add to your Firefox or IE browser. You take 2 minutes to join the free network, and then you tell it what your personal interests and start Stumbling!!!

Happy Stumbling!!!

Tips to increase blog traffic


“Write what your readers would like to read”.

— a mantra all bloggers should follow

Hmm.. it’s very very true. If you like to write something don’t write just for your shake make that readers like to read it too!! But how do you know what a reader likes to read? Besides different people have different tastes. What I have to say is that- whatever content you write, pay attention to your writing style.


Here are some more tips on increasing your blog traffic by improving your style on writing contents:

  1. Use Attractive Titles

    Using attractive titles is one way of getting readers to visit your blog from Search Engines and Feeds. Also, use keywords in your title that relate to the post. Use attractive title and description while you submit to blog directories.


    Use numbers / buzzwords in your title. Using titles like ‘‘10 best pratices’, ‘100 ways to’’, ‘Top 5’, etc can help you to grab readers attention and visit your blog.

  2. Be Unique

    Readers come to your blog to read something different. They will not come just to read what they have read on other blogs. Making your blog stand out from other blogs both in content and design is important if you want to have repeat visitors.


  3. Link to the source

    If you post about some interesting news that you just read on your favorite News site, link to it (the source). Chances are there for readers from that news blog will visit your blog from the pingback on the site. Also, it helps make your content look informative.

  4. Write your content using lists

    I’ve seen blogs that make up to the top place will use lists for this contents. Use appropriate list, ordered (numbered) or unordered (bullet) list dependingp upon the content structure. Using lists can make your post both visually appealing and interesting to read. It helps readers who are just scanning your text to see if your posts fits what they are looking for. The content must not bescattered; it should be in well organized and managed manner.

  5. Write Tutorials

    Write handy tutorials that will make your readers walk through a process that teaches them how to achieve a goal. Tutorials have more chance of getting bookmarked in Bookmarking sites or other blogs which will get you plenty of readers and links. Write down unique tutorial which are more specific which will get you top position in the search engine results.

  6. Don’’t change your blogs topic

    Once you choose what you blog about on your blog, don’’t change it. Your readers come to read posts on that topic. Writing posts on a different topic will not look good for your blog. And if done thfrustratedusturate the reader.

  7. Write on Technological stuff

    Write more about latest technological happening. Most of the readers are tech savy. Also chance of hits from search engine is high.

  8. Link to your older posts

    Don’’t expect your readers to have been reading your posts from the time you started your blog. So next time, when you write about things you have written previously, link to them.

Now your blog will start getting as much decent traffic 🙂

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