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Lightbox JS v2.0 Integration with Blogger Template

Create a simple Photolog using and Lightbox JS. A step by step guide for photo bloggers; to Integrate Lightbox with their existing Blogger publishing system.

Blogger is a popular weblog publishing system, which supports custom designs and templates. Meanwhile Blogger is not much popular as other blog publishing system like WordPress, etc for its support to Plug-ins. In other hand Lightbox JS is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It is lightweight and works with most of the browsers with Javascripts enabled.

Yesterday, I was trying to publish my own Photolog. I was looking for a good web serice so that it would ease my task. I am with Blogger for a quite time and still I have not moved my blog to WordPress, even I wish so. So I decided to go with Blogger again with the FTP publishing enabled. But blogger didn’t have any ready made plug-in for Lightbox so I had to hack the code little bit. Blogger with Ligthbox would give any blog a realistic Photolog look.

Step by Step Guide:-

  1. Download the Lightbox JS script from Here and copy the scripts to your web server most likely where your blog is been published.
  2. Login into Blogger system and go to Template –> Edit HTML
  3. Add the below line into the Meta section of HTML tag
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/lightbox.css" type="text/css" media="screen">

  4. Add the following scripts tag in the header section of the HTML template
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/prototype.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/scriptaculous.js?load=effects"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/lightbox.js"></script>
  5. Check the CSS and make sure the referenced prev.gif and next.gif files are in the right location. Also, make sure the loading.gif and close.gif files as referenced near the top of the lightbox.js file are in the right location.
  6. Once you’re done Save the Template.
  7. With Blogger, we will not able to tweak their system directly, since it is not open source software. So we need to have little manual effort every time before you publish a photo log entry.
  8. After creating a blog entry in Blogger system, do the following steps before publishing.
  9. Go to Edit HTML option in the Post window as show in the figure
  10. Once you have uploaded the image you will see an entry similar shown in the figure below.
  11. Replace the selected code above with rel=”lightbox” as shown below
  12. You can also add title tag in tag to enable Caption in the LightBox displayed
  13. Now you’re all set and you can publish your Photolog.

If you like to have image sets for each post entry then you need to add rel="lightbox[group_name]" for all the images that you which to show in that particular group image set. It should be similar to the below image.
Now you have a wonderful Photolog to start with as I do; Visit my PhotoLog at The PhotoLog

Multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger 8

A little tweak that will allow users to run multiple yahoo messengers on a same machine.

If you’re looking for ways to run couple or more yahoo messengers in the same machine then this article would be great help for you.

Yahoo Messenger let users to test their messenger by making a tweak in registry. To accomplish this key value for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\yahoo\pager\Test has to be altered. The key value is set to true then the messenger will function in test mode and users will be able to open up multiple instance of yahoo messenger.

To make yahoo messenger to open up multiple instance, you need to modify the registry key value. Here is a cut-short way of doing that.

Save the below code with .reg extension and double click to execute it.


Once the above code is entered into registry yahoo messenger will function in Test mode. To revert back to normal mode use the below code in same manner.


The above will the remove the feature of having multiple messengers open.

Happy chatting 🙂

Google Talk Conference Calling Tips and Ideas


Google’s instant messaging software gtalk is popular these days. But it misses few important functionality like video chat and voice conferencing. Here is a trick that will address the later one and would give you complete idea on how to make a voice conference call from gtalk.

Google’s new version of gtalk has come up with lot of improvements and features. Google’s trying to rule out Instant Messaging market as well. I really like gtalk for it stunning quality and fidelity when it comes to voice chat. The only drawback had with voice chat in gtalk is voice conferencing. Couple of day’s back I figured out roundabout way to make conference calls in gtalk as well. Thanks to Google’s fan blog which made me to discover the nomutex functionality that is been hidden in gtalk.

Here goes the step by step instruction,

  • Open up a copy of Google Talk on all the computers which you wish you conference
  • After a instance is opened up in all computers, make a new shortcut for Google Talk but at the end add /nomutex (to do this right click on the new shortcut icon and edit the target field; it should look something similar to “C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe” /nomutex assuming your gtalk installation is done in default location)
  • Now open up the second instance on every computer using the shortcut. Nomutex argument will let gtalk to open multiple instances.
  • Now, we need to create a chain to connect all the systems. Let us assume we do this for 3 participant now (say A, B and C)
  • Participant A should call Participant B via one instance
  • Participant B will call Participant C on other instance
  • Participant C will connect to Participant A to form a loop
  • Now all participants in the conference are connected and conference will being momentarily 🙂

Note: By default for incoming calls gtalk will take the latest instance as active one and gets connect to it. Hence to make a call you need to use the instance available initially.

Here is diagrammatic representation of the workaround way. Thanks to for the image.

Enjoy voice conferencing in Google Talk:)

W800i Tips / Tricks / Shortcuts / FAQ and Resources

Sony Ericsson W800i Mobile tips, tricks, shortcuts and FAQ complete collection

Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman PhoneI’ve been using Sony Ericsson W800i for more than month’s time. Initially I was not able to make use of my phone complete without the required tips and guidelines. I’d to do manually search a lot and try out a few. So I thought of getting this page up so that other W800i users would be benefited. If you’re a W800i or similar model user definitely you will find this useful unless you a more advanced user.

Tips / Trick / Shortcuts
1. Quick activation of camera
Open the back capping strip of camera’s lens. Works even keypad is locked 🙂

2. In messages by pressing “*” you can turn on/off T9.

3. In themes, sounds, videos… use easy searching by typing letters as in contacts.

4. Turn off the ringing without decline incoming calls… Just press some side button of volume or “#”.

5. By right side double-button you can show status of your phone. In sleep mode you can light clock.

6. In main menu you can move faster with shortcuts on keyboard which comes up to dislocation of menu icons. In next sub menus, numbers belongs to number of lines from the top.

7. Service menu (firmware): >*<<*<* where <> is right joystick

8. IMEI number: *#06#

9. Shutdown camera sound: hold button “#”

10. In horizontal viewing mode you can use the “+” and “–” volume keys to zoom in and out of the picture. You can also use the 1 and 3 keys to zoom.

11. At active camera:

1 – change size of photo
4 – turn on/off macro mode
7 – turn on/off night mode
* – turn on/off lightning diodes

Change of zoom: with right side buttons you can zoom in/out
Change of photo brightness: by moving joystick up/down.

12. At active video:

1 – change video size
4 – turn on/off macro mode
7 – turn on/off night mode
* – turn on/off lightning diodes

Change of zoom: with right side buttons you can zoom in/out
Change of video brightness: by moving joystick up/down

13. Reading of text files: send txt file to your phone, file will be saved in “Web pages” and you can open it. Bold and commas don’t work.

14. By holding buttons 2-9 you will get to phone book in telephone on given first letter of given button.

15. By holding “c” at calling you will turn off microphone.

16. By pressing button 1-220 and pressing “#” will be displayed number on SIM card on given position 1-220. Option “Calling from SIM card” will appear.

17. You can move in calendar with these shortcuts:

1 and 3 – week
4 and 6 – month
7 and 9 – year

18. At minimized or locked MP3 player you can change volume by right side buttons, or you can jump to next song by holding one of this buttons.

19. By pressing “*” and “lock” you can lock keyboard in menu of MP3 player or Video recorder.

20. Some special secret-smiles (Any where you can type in the phone even phone book)

big-smile :-] or 😀
sad-smile :-[
chick-smile [:]
kiss-smile 😡 or :-*
lazy-smile |-l
neutral-smile :-l
surprise-smile 😮

21. If you are using Dictionary (T9) to write SMS, you can press the 1 key (3 times in line), than slide the joystick down to choose your smile.

22. Want to see your notes on the main standby screen? Simply access the Main Menu -> Organizer -> Notes -> Add a New Note. Once you’ve added the note, save it. Highlight the new Note, press the right button for the More option, and choose Show on Standby.

23. To capture a video frame as an image file, first Pause the Video, then select More -> Capture frame. The image will be stored in your phone memory’s Pictures folder.

24. Slide the joystick down during video playback and the video will be in slow-motion.

25. Press > for next track, <>

26. Press and hold > or <>

27. While player Minimized mode, press and hold the “-” volume button for next song. Conversely, press and hold “+” for previous song.

28. Behind the battery, on the white sticker inside the phone, you will see a code (4th line above the barcode), for example 03W21. This means your phone was manufactured in week 21, 2003

29. This code will lead you to the network-lock menu Code:
< * *< (<> means left or right with your joystick).

30. Instead of the joystick, you can press the 1 or 3 key to navigate between tracks. Press 2 to pause/play, and 4 or 6 can be used to fast forward or rewind a track.

31. Pressing # during radio play and you’ll be able to type in the radio station frequency.

32. While in Radio Minimized mode, press and hold the “-” volume button for next available station (note: not next preset station). The “+” volume button will tune to the previous available station.



1. How much SMS I can store the max in W800i?

You can save 200 SMS on your mobile. There are several methods to unlock the phone feature to store unlimited SMS by editing the SE FS.

2. How to check the status of number of messages stored in inbox?

Go to the file manager, press more-> memory status->scroll down to messages. You will see the message count there.


1. Pictures taken in daylight are awesome, but in artificial light I get some dots in the images, not that good clarity?

Off course night needs higher brightness, just night mode isn’t sufficient. With flash and adjustment in joystick (brightness) level clarity can be increased to certain level. But it would be injustice to expect more from a camera phone and not a high mega pixel digital camera 🙂

2. What is auto focus? How do I use that?

The camera automatically focuses on a subject or object at which it is pointed. The focus helps to achieve best image quality. It exactly the same technology used in Digital Cameras. To make use of Auto focus feature in W800i, make sure that you hear a peep sound and a green indicator not blinking point and frame. Once you get this go for the shot 🙂

3. How do I record videos longer than 10 seconds?

You’ll need to switch the Shoot Mode to High Quality. Press 0 when in video mode.

4. How to snap photos while in Flight Mode?

The w800i’s Flight Mode allows you to access the WALKMAN Player function without turning on the phone’s transmitting functions (ideal for use during flights). You can actually also access the Camera function while in Flight Mode. Simply lock the keypad, open the camera lens and snap away! (This function works only with the initial firmware release. Reportedly in most of the latest firmware release this option doesn’t work)

5. Can you use the camera without SIM?

Well it can be done. But needed some research to figure out this option. Thanks Sailesh for sharing this tip. He is running r1bc002 firmware. Here is the tip; Switch on the mobile and in the Main menu (where it asks to select Flight mode or Phone) lock the keypad. After locking the keypad, open up the camera. You’re snap all the way (don’t miss to check Sailesh snaps done this way, here)


1. Does W800i support mp4 files?

Yes, the walkman phone support mp4 files to be plays. But make sure you give correct parameters while you convert the video into mp4 file. Check out the Rockstar sample video for correct parameter.

2. Does W800i support Bluetooth stereo headset to play song?

Unfortunately No, W800i does not support A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). Hence we will not be able to listen to music using Bluetooth stereo headset. 🙁

3. Can W800i play AVI files?

Sorry no, it does not support AVI files to be played. Current firmware supports Video Support: mpeg-4, 3gpp, h.263, xmf, svgt and Audio Support: midi, midi40, amr, aac, wav, mp3, mp4.

4. What is RDS and how do I use it?

RDS stands for Radio Data Service. If a particular radio station supports this, then info like the name of the station will be automatically shown. Not all stations support this, so it does not work for all stations.


1. What do those 3 overlapping squares at the top left denote?

It signifies that you are using a profile other than the default “normal” profile.

2. How do I read text files with the phone?

You can create *.txt files and then send the file to the Web Pages/Save Pages folder. You can also create text files with MS Word and save them as a web page (*.htm). This is useful especially if you are using foreign characters, as they will sometimes not appear if saved as a *.txt file.

3. What is the maximum storage supported?

According to the official specifications, w800i supports Memory Stick PRO Duo of up to 2GB.

4. Is it possible to use the phone as a remote control for the television, music system, etc?

Yes, it can be done if your system support Bluetooth interface. Unfortunately IR remote control doesn’t work in W800i since the IR features works well only with Symbian phones.

5. Can I set different ring tones for different profiles?

No, you can’t. Only one ring tone can be set for all profiles.

6. Is it required to drain the battery before every recharge?

With Lithium batteries there is no advantage to draining the battery. The battery will in fact last longer with partial rather than full discharges. There is no battery memory effect with a lithium battery – you can charge the battery whenever you like without fear of reducing its charge capacity, and you do not need to drain a lithium battery completely before recharging it. Please refer for more information.

7. How to update my firmware?

If you are updating your firmware for the 1st time, follow the Step by Step Instructions available in SE official site. Your firmware can be updated through the Sony Ericsson Update Service II (SEUS II). In order to use SEUS you will need to have internet access (preferably Broadband) and attach your phone to your PC via the supplied USB cable.

Finally at Last, the cool, gorgeous, sexy W800i was discontinued by Sony Ericsson to promote its successor W810i. W800i is no more in production. Still W800i rockz!!!

At last but not the least thanks for the Sony Ericsson India community members in Orkut from where I’ve formulate the FAQ page and collate few good tips from

Most of tips mentioned here works well with Sony Ericsson K750 / W810i / W850i / W700i / W900i / W950i / W880i / W200i / W300i / W550i and most other Walkman models.

W800i Resources (Ring tones, Themes, JAVA apps, Screensavers, Wallpapers, Games)

Sony Ericsson Developer Tools:-

Exclusive W800i Site:-


Games/ JAVA application :-

Other Resource:-


If you think something is missing out here; Please add them as comments.

Update:- Read my review about W800i at

Reducing memory usage in FireFox

Learn how you can tweak your Firefox application to consume less memory and work little faster.

FireFox LogoI’m crazy about this browser right from the day of release. Firefox bought me in a change of browsing style. I really love this tool. But only concern I’ve about Firefox is its memory usage. Hope this would be the concern for other users as well as the Firefox developers. It sucks most of the memory space. I’d say Firefox is memory ravenous compared with IE.

Firefox has lot of memory leaks and that has been fixed the most in the latest release. Anyway that’s not our part Mozilla developers will take of that  If you think you can contribute better then join their team. Visit Mozilla today to find out more ways to contribute.

Now let’s optimize Firefox to use less memory and to work faster. This is the smarter way too.

Type about:config in the address bar.

  • Create a new Boolean entry config.trim_on_minimize and set it to true (This one works gr8 when ever you reduce the FireFox window. It almost saves 20 MB – 30 MB+)
  • Set browser.cache.memory.capacity to a fixed size (the default values are: for 256 MB RAM – 14336, 512 MB RAM – 22528, 1 GB RAM – 32768). This is free 22MB max.
  • Set browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers to 0. It can reduce around 20 MB of usage
  • Change image.animation_mode to none. It has little impact on performance.

Now go to Tools/Options.

  • Set the disk cache memory to a low value (less than 50 MB).
  • Turn off Java (If you really don’t use it).
  • Try to avoid memory hungry extension. If you decide to use some; don’t use more that 5.
  • Clear the download history now and then. Don’t let the list to accumulate. This will have impact on the performance.

Using these tips, I was able to reduce around 40 – 50 MB of memory usage. So why to wait try it today. Happy Browsing.

Try Firefox today if you didn’t had a chance yet.
Get Firefox!

Tips to speed up bittorrent download


Tips to tweak the torrent client to speed up the torrent download rate.

The new file sharing protocol bittorrent has changed everything when it comes to file sharing. It is a great platform for downloading large files. Sharing of files is so simple and file types are not restricted which include movies, iso images and MP3. Even illegal file sharing is getting popular because of this.

The Bittorrent system can be slow at times so let us tweak bittorrent sharing program a little bit.

There are a bunch of different bittorrent clients that you can download. I personally prefer BitCommet and uTorrent.

Here I’ll explain how to speed up uTorrent Client. Similar can be implemented on any other torrent clients of you’re favorite.

Step 1: (For Windows XP only)

You need to increase the number of TCP connections that are allowed at max.Windows XP Service Pack 2 came with the number of allowed open connections to 10. This is to stop any piece of spyware(inour case bittorent client even) from totally taking over your internet connection. TCP connection allowed should be 50 for optimal performance. The best way to increase the maximum number of connections is to apply patch that is available at This step has to be redone whenever new service pack is installed to your computer.

Step 2:

The little tweak to the torrent client works great in certain times. If you’re using uTorrent go to Options menu then Preferences. In the Preferences go the Advanced Options. In the advanced options change the net.max_halfopen connections to 80. In the same section change the max half open tcp connections to 80. Once your done click on OK and you are all set. This tweak will let the maximum TCP connection available for the bittorrent client. Now start downloading you’ll realize a little difference in the download speed.

You can also use port forwarding technique which is more effective that this.

Remove Ads in Yahoo Messenger

Tweak to remove the annoying ads that is displayed in Yahoo Messenger chat and web-cam window.

If you have installed the newest Yahoo Messenger 8.0 or Yahoo Messenger 7.5 you’ll notice a very annoying animated ad at the bottom of the main window, web-cam & chatroom etc.. I’m sure it’s hard to resist to Yahoo’s update dialogs. Here is a simple how-to tutorial to remove ads in Yahoo Messenger 7.5 and higher.

Save the below code with .reg extension

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"Messenger Ad"="*"
"Webcam Upload Ad"="*"
"Webcam Viewer Ad"="*"
"Webcam Viewer Ad Bid"="*"
"Webcam Viewer Ad Medium"="*"
"Change Room Banner"="*"
"Conf Adurl"="*"
"Chat Adurl"="*"

then double click the file to update the registry with new settings for Yahoo Messenger.

or alternatively Open Regedit, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ Yahoo\pager\YUrl and create a new string value named Messenger Ad that has the value * (an asterisk). Similarly create the following keys and assign '*' as the value.

Webcam Upload Ad
Webcam Viewer Ad
Webcam Viewer Ad Big
Webcam Viewer Ad Medium
Change Room Banner
Conf Adurl
Chat Adurl

Now you will not see ads anymore in your yahoo messenger.. 🙂

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