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Exclusive Interview with Matt Brown


I wrote about ByteSwap a new online service. Now I have got a chance for an exclusive interview with Matt Brown founder of ByteSwap.


ByteSwap is an innovative way to organize your content, share your content with friends / community and search your content as well as shared content.

Tell us about ByteSwap from your perceptive?

Basically, ByteSwap is an easy-to-use tool for organizing and finding information. Think of it as a virtual file cabinet or a personal search engine. You can store links to web resources, files in any format, photos, organize your contacts and more. It’s information that’s relevant to you. Information related to your career, your hobbies, or just silly stuff you come across. And when you need to find it, you can. This isn’t always the case with a regular search engine. We’ve all found stuff using our favorite search engine, for example, and then not been able to find it again 6 months later. With ByteSwap – you file away stuff relevant to you and retrieve it easily when you need it.

This alone would be a powerful tool for many people but the real power of ByteSwap comes when users share information. We all have people we trust – people we’d ask when we’re looking for answers. These are friends, family and colleagues. They think like us, share the same interests, work in the same fields etc. ByteSwap lets you tap into their information as well. So when you’re searching, tapping into this trusted network of people is likely to result in highly relevant results. I should mention, ByteSwap users control access to each item they store, so you share only what you want to share and with only who you want to share it with.

Also as you search and store, ByteSwap will attempt to suggest content that might be of interest to you as well. This information might come from news sources, blogs or items other ByteSwap members have stored.

We at ByteSwap want you to “rethink the way you search.

Why ByteSwap is a unique service?

I’m not aware of another service that can be such a one-stop-shop for organizing and finding relevant information.

How do you plan to monetize ByteSwap?

We offer very reasonable memberships and will supplement that with advertising revenue from non-paying members.

Anything else you would like to share?

Only that we want people to stay tuned as we have new features and functionality in the works that’ll make ByteSwap even more powerful and useful. Sign up today – it’s FREE!

ByteSwap, organize and share your bytes easily

ByteSwap is very new online service that allows people to organize the information they wanted and let them share across their friends and ByteSwap community. ByteSwap is newest approach for a tradition concept.

ByteSwap ByteSwap very new of its breed and is been released couple of days back. I’m very pleased to try out the service they provide. ByteSwap is unique by this way, they allow you to organize / store and share your content. ByteSwap can be your personal storage medium and bookmaking tool at the same time.

ByteSwap allows you to add any content that you would like to organize. ByteSwap allows you to manage Contacts, Photo, File, Link, and Article Reference. ByteSwap also says yes for your favorite recipe or if you have silly things to organize or share using Free form text note option. Founder Matt Brown tells, “Think of ByteSwap as a virtual file cabinet or a personal search engine”.

ByteSwap Screenshot

ByteSwap also has an option to build an online community around like-minded people using ByteSwap Groups. Groups allow you to share your content across other people. Also you can add your friends / colleagues as you connection. The community suggestion feature would recommend the relevant content for logged in users using their interested topics.

ByteSwap also has a powerful search feature that allows you to search across the personal and community content. It redefines the way to search and would find you most relevant information from your friends and public. ByteSwap also features traditional folder structure to organize content for easy access.

Finally, ByteSwap is FREE for limited usage and has a premium account for heavy users.

Suggestion / Feature Enhancement

ByteSwap team has really put the their efforts on their new service. But as always I say “there is always room for improvement”. ByteSwap team is very keen in listening to feedbacks. Here goes my suggestion and feature request that I would like to see from ByteSwap.

Social Elements
Social element is a key factor when it comes to online community building. ByteSwap has to capitalize on this as well. The ByteSwap community would like to know more information about the user who is sharing the information to the community. ByteSwap can improvise this by adding user profile, user picture, user feeds etc. ByteSwap can introduce Social button would enable add link directly from any blog. This would help them build an authentic community around ByteSwap.

Preview Option
BtyeSwap can provide preview on items that has been added / shared across the community. They might include but not limited to picture, video, text or a link. This is good at usability standpoint and users would love it so as me.

User Interface
The user interface adds value to any online system and this is more emphasized in web2.0 era. ByteSwap is easy to navigate around but might be missing sophisticated features.

Browser Add-on
Most of the communities are success today with a browser add-on. ByteSwap can also come with a browser add-on that would enable user to share contents and get community suggestions.

Widget Support
ByteSwap can allow users to create a widget around their public content. This would enable the ByteSwap users to share across their blogs. This would add more meaning to social content.


ByteSwap would let you easily organize your content anything (I love the recipe item) more effectively. Also their search enables the users to find the information more relevant to them. Bottom-line, ByteSwap has lot of areas to improve and if they do they would be unique and best of all.

Have you ever tried any similar service like ByteSwap? Try ByteSwap and share your thought.

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