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Migrating New Blogger to WordPress 2

Import your posts with comments from New Blogger to WordPress 2. New Blogger Import tool is ease and simple to use; no more manual pains. My love with Blogger is over finally 🙂 I have been planning for move to WordPress for a long time. I have been stopped since I did’t want to carry

Installing Apache / PHP / MySQL on Windows machine

Tutorial for hassle free Apache / PHP / MySQL installation. Hello, I decided to write this post since I knew few people who are not be able to getaway with the installation since they are too new to this world!So to make their/your installation trouble free i’d to write this guide 🙂 This method works

Testing Web-based Applications

A comprehensive list of widely used common testing methodology for web application. If you’re a web application developer / tester, I would suggest you to follow these testing methodology. These testing methodology is derived in a way that it removes the defect/bugs and gives the end user effective way to use the application. In the