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Recover deleted files with Handy Recovery™

Handy Recovery is data recovery tool created by SoftLogica for recovering lost or deleted files under Windows platform. Handy Recovery comes in with nifty features for recovery and proves it is a worthy choice for data recovery.

Handy Recovery LogoHave you ever bothered to backup files? If not then Handy Recovery is a handy tool for you that helps you to recover accidentally deleted files. However, I personally encourage everyone to backup their important and sensitive data in timely manner.

There are plenty of tools available both freeware and commercial when it comes to file recovery. Handy Recovery stands out from most the rest just for ease of use. Earlier, file recovery can be done only by a computer expert. This has been proven wrong again by Handy Recovery, allowing any novice user to restore their files safely.

Handy Recovery Screenshot

Key Features

  • Support most of the Windows file system
  • Very extensive scanning for deleted files
  • Ability to create disk image for recovery
  • Search option for deleted files
  • Explorer style interface for ease navigation
  • Preview for recoverable items
  • Supports recovery from memory cards

Handy Recovery works great for most of the file recovery. Handy Recovery also provides you the probability of recovering data. In addition to cool features, Handy Recovery has also got Windows VISTA certified logo for its reliability.


Here are few drawbacks which I have observed so far with Handy Recovery.

  • No support for Linux partitions
  • Not a free ware

Bottom line, Handy Recovery would have been more attractive if it was provided as freeware. Handy Recovery is priced in the higher side and it costs 39$. But if you’re the one looking for an easy way to recover your deleted files go for Handy Recovery.

If you like to try Handy Recovery, you can download the trial version from their download page. The trial has limitation of one recovery per day; sometimes good things doesn’t comes for free 

Have anyone tried anything similar to Handy Recovery for file recovery? Share your views.

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Partition Table Doctor, manage your partition

Partition Table Doctor is a tool for managing Partition tables. Partition Table Doctor is effective when it comes to Partition recovery and hard disk data recovery. This tool was great help for me when I was struggling with Partition errors.

It was a wretched night for me; I was under assumption that entire thing got ruined for a minute. Yes, all the logical hard drivers I’d in my system had gone away after an illegal system shutdown. This was not new to me it has happened in past several times but mostly on the secondary hard disk which I don’t use anymore. I was totally astonished when the error occurred in my primary hard disk. It was horrible experience since I didn’t have a backup on the data, which I had in my primary drive 🙂

I tried few basic troubleshooting steps; but nothing seemed to work. So I started searching for a good solution for recover my logical partition. Finally this tool Partition Table Doctor stopped me. Partition Table Doctor sounded promising to me and I decided to give a try.

Partition Table Doctor ScreenshotThanks to Partition Table Doctor, it saved lot of my efforts that I had to spend on the recovery process. They had automatic recovery option that was a great feature. I was able to fix up most of the partitions using automatic recovery expect one. I had to fix it using manual recovery process, which was lot easier too. The tool was so handy and came in right time for me. If you’re one stuck up in similar problem don’t get panic just rebuild the partition table. It would work is most of the cases.

But I would recommend you to backup you partition tables, master boot records (MBR) into other media. Partition Table Doctor also has option for backing up this information or you can use any other tool.

Quick Feature List:

  • Recover deleted or lost partition
  • Fix boot sectors errors
  • Backup / Restore MBR, partition table and boot sectors
  • Easy to manage Partitions
  • Surface Test
  • and other advanced features…

Partition Table Doctor is really a great product when it comes to managing partitions.
Bottom line, Prevention is better than cure so backup your sensitive data in regular interval.

Update: I have reposted this on 06/22/07 with more information on PTD

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