Top 5 open source Wiki engines

A Wiki is a website which visitors can modify. Wikis are composed of web pages you can write on, enabling fast and easy collaboration Why Wiki? This is very commonly asked and answered question. But here is the few uses which I feel about a Wiki. Educational: It can be used as instrumental tool for

ByteSwap, organize and share your bytes easily

ByteSwap is very new online service that allows people to organize the information they wanted and let them share across their friends and ByteSwap community. ByteSwap is newest approach for a tradition concept. ByteSwap very new of its breed and is been released couple of days back. I’m very pleased to try out the service

Web log analysis software and top 5

Every blogger or site owners would be aware of advantage and importance of Web Analytics. Which tool to use? It is one of the important decisions everyone should take before starting up a blog or a site. Web Analytics widely has two approaches log file analysis and page tagging. The later is more popular these

Transform your blog into podcast using autocasting

Autocasting is the term used to refer either service or tool that would automatically convert the text on a blog into speech. Most of these tools / service would read the RSS feed and covert them into speech using their inbuilt Tex-to-Speech (TTS) technology. Why Autocasting? Autocasting can be used in conjunction with normal blog

TechCorner Turns One Year Old

TechCorner is one year old now and I’m a year old blogger :=) I started writing TechCorner exactly one year ago, on July 18 2006. Looking back, it’s been a wonderful year, although it might not be the best year. Here is the current statistics of TechCorner. This will be marking 50th post on TechCorner,

Zoho Meeting, free web conferencing application

Zoho Meeting is one among the free offerings from Zoho. Zoho is one among the leaders of Office 2.0. Zoho Meeting allows you to create a web conference online for free. Zoho also feature cross browser support. Zoho introduced public beta of Zoho Meeting a month back. Honestly, I had a chance to play with

VLC Media Player, play everything anywhere

VLC media player is a free cross-platform media player for various audio and video formats available today. VLC media player support streaming protocols and also can be a streaming sever with Ipv6 support. VLC comes with built-in support for most of the video and audio codec as well. In other terms, VLC media player can