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Joost – a free on demand internet TV

Joost is a new way of watching TV online. Joost is Web TV that combines both Television and Internet moreover it is a Free TV. Joost shows more than 150 channels and more programs in full screen quality. Joost also has the complete control of the internet; you can watch whenever you want. To add to this points Joost powers social networking too.

Joost - The new internet TV Joost is still in their beta stage and expecting commercial release very soon. Joost is available now through Invite and has release the Friends Edition. I have been looking for an invite to try out Joost; Thanks for Marsie from who invited me to Joost beta.

I was really amazed by Joost, the quality of the video was superb. Joost works on seamless Peer to Peer (P2P) networking. Joost provides selectable programs on over 150 channels, ranging from cartoons, movies, music, sports and documentary using peer-to-peer TV (P2PTV) technology. The original content is stored on main server owned by Joost and then distributed by users to other users watching the same program.

Joost is signing up deals with major video content providers which would help them to gain more programs and viewer ship. Latest in the list was CNN and Sony; Viacom was already in the list. Joost is also building up a social network around their viewer. Joost has channel chats, where users watching the same programs can interact. This is just a base for their social networking model.

Joost Screenshot

Joost Screenshot

This service remains free since it is been paid by advertising which are shown intermittently. The Joost interface is fairly simple and easy to use. The viewing experience is also great as it suffers not much of streaming problems. To add to the value, Joost is the venture of founders of Skype and Kaaza which were most successful. You need to aware of this; since Joost runs on P2PTV technology it will consume lot of your bandwidth for both uploading and downloading.

If you are looking for a Joost invite and didn’t have one till now; drop me a comment. I have Joost invites left out; you must try this service for sure., My favorite internet music station

Pandora is an automated music recommendation service based on previous users selection and free Internet music radio service created by The Music Genome Project.

Pandora is Music discovery service uses an open-source development platform to connect users to the songs they love. Listening to music in Pandora is much easier; trust me. It will just ask you to enter the name of artist or song title. Pandora service will instantly creates a radio station that plays songs that share musical characteristics associated with the artist or song provided. You can tell them your taste using their Feedback system on each played songs. You can also skip from hearing the particular song if you dislike.

The site stats says,

“A user can make up to 100 unique stations that play all kinds of music — pop, rock, jazz, electronica, hip-hop, old and new — from a library of more than 300,000 songs from over 10,000 artists.”

This is amazing! Isn’t? Do you like to Explore Pandora, read a good O’Reilly article; Inside Pandora: Web Radio That Listens to You.

The coolest part is Pandora is completely web-based and you need not install any software to start listening to music. Conrad says, “Lots of other people have already done that. We wanted to build something that was really, really simple — sort of a one-click radio [station].” Conrad is Chief Technical Officer at Pandora.

Out of curiosity about this uncommon name Pandora, I just researched on the same. In ancient Greek mythology, Pandora, whose name means “all gifted,” received many gifts from the gods, including the gift of music from Apollo. She was also very curious. Unlike those gods of old, who were displeased with Pandora’s curiosity, the developers of say they celebrate that trait and have made it their mission to reward the musically curious with a never-ending experience of musical discovery. If you like to know more about the Greek Pandora read This Wiki page turned out interesting in finding more other stuff with name Pandora.

Bottom line, is a free and ease to use internet radio service that can play my favorite music.

Next time if you’re looking to play music online, go to

Update : Pandora is not available outside the US

PageAddict :: Monitor Your Web Addiction in Firefox

A handy Firefox Extension PageAddict to monitor your web addiction.

Are you addicted to internet? Do you want to know your addiction? If yes here is a handy utility that monitors your web usage. PageAddict is a free Firefox extension which can give you a summary of your daily online activity. It generates reports based on the amount of time spend on each sites you visited.

PageAddict can be downloaded from here. It is just a 10k download. Once you install the Firefox extension you need to visit to know your addition. There you’ll get the time you spent at each site, percentages of overall time and the option to apply tags. You can even categorize different sites and restrict how much time you spend in each category per day.

Now find your addiction level and try to do something productive 🙂

Yahoo Time Capsule :: One World Many Voices

Yahoo Time Capsule :: One World Many Voices

From October 10 until November 8, Yahoo users can contribute to an amazing project called Yahoo Time Capsule by submitting photos, writings, videos, audio that define your world today.

The Time Capsule is organized around ten themes, chosen to illuminate different corners of the human experience. The ten themes are: Love, Sorrow, Anger, Faith, Beauty, Fun, Past, Hope, Now, and You. Each theme harbors an open-ended question: What do you love? What makes you sad? What makes you angry? What do you believe in? What’s beautiful? What’s fun? What do you remember? What is your wish? Describe your world. Who are you? People respond to these questions in five simple ways – with words, pictures, videos, sounds, and drawings.So if you have something special to share with the future, a message in a bottle, a prediction, a list of important things for you, send it to the time capsule. The site is almost an work of art, and if you don’t send anything, exploring the site will make your day.

The man behind this project is Jonathan Harris, a very talented Internet artist.

Multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger 8

A little tweak that will allow users to run multiple yahoo messengers on a same machine.

If you’re looking for ways to run couple or more yahoo messengers in the same machine then this article would be great help for you.

Yahoo Messenger let users to test their messenger by making a tweak in registry. To accomplish this key value for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\yahoo\pager\Test has to be altered. The key value is set to true then the messenger will function in test mode and users will be able to open up multiple instance of yahoo messenger.

To make yahoo messenger to open up multiple instance, you need to modify the registry key value. Here is a cut-short way of doing that.

Save the below code with .reg extension and double click to execute it.


Once the above code is entered into registry yahoo messenger will function in Test mode. To revert back to normal mode use the below code in same manner.


The above will the remove the feature of having multiple messengers open.

Happy chatting 🙂

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