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Pandora is an automated music recommendation service based on previous users selection and free Internet music radio service created by The Music Genome Project.

Pandora is Music discovery service uses an open-source development platform to connect users to the songs they love. Listening to music in Pandora is much easier; trust me. It will just ask you to enter the name of artist or song title. Pandora service will instantly creates a radio station that plays songs that share musical characteristics associated with the artist or song provided. You can tell them your taste using their Feedback system on each played songs. You can also skip from hearing the particular song if you dislike.

The site stats says,

“A user can make up to 100 unique stations that play all kinds of music — pop, rock, jazz, electronica, hip-hop, old and new — from a library of more than 300,000 songs from over 10,000 artists.”

This is amazing! Isn’t? Do you like to Explore Pandora, read a good O’Reilly article; Inside Pandora: Web Radio That Listens to You.

The coolest part is Pandora is completely web-based and you need not install any software to start listening to music. Conrad says, “Lots of other people have already done that. We wanted to build something that was really, really simple — sort of a one-click radio [station].” Conrad is Chief Technical Officer at Pandora.

Out of curiosity about this uncommon name Pandora, I just researched on the same. In ancient Greek mythology, Pandora, whose name means “all gifted,” received many gifts from the gods, including the gift of music from Apollo. She was also very curious. Unlike those gods of old, who were displeased with Pandora’s curiosity, the developers of say they celebrate that trait and have made it their mission to reward the musically curious with a never-ending experience of musical discovery. If you like to know more about the Greek Pandora read This Wiki page turned out interesting in finding more other stuff with name Pandora.

Bottom line, is a free and ease to use internet radio service that can play my favorite music.

Next time if you’re looking to play music online, go to

Update : Pandora is not available outside the US

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  1. Can I get this music for my Classic car? If so do I need to buy anything to hook it up? And what would it cost?

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