I’m not a techie!!!

hey fellas… i was planning to put up a blog down here for quite a long time!!! I thought it would be nice if i start writing rather than waiting for something to happen. Even if that happens, most of the learning would have become obsolete by that time. I’ll be writing much technically here 🙂 that’s why I named it TechCorner. I would be writing about the issues i faced and how i over came those stuff etc.. and the latest technology updates, reviews, etc.

hmm! still I don’t any have clue whether I’m gonna continue writing. If so how long? anyway let’s see what happens. 🙂

I’m not a techie but I’m gonna write few techie stuff! hope you like and your comments and suggestion are welcomed mostly.

11 thoughts on “I’m not a techie!!!”

  1. Hey Buddies…
    N this fella is not a normal human guy… techie in all kinda stuffs.. from Web designing to Oracle stuffs… !! For him.. the Learning curve is like a steep hill, one cannot fall the other side becoz it keeps on rising.. 🙂 !! Kudo’s n Cheers to u Buddy.. Keep Updating..
    This will surely help somehow.. 🙂

  2. This looks gr8 da.
    So you have started expertising “Oracle” too apart from ? ! ? !

  3. Good job Ben!!!
    But I am eligible to comment only on this post:D…’neways this should help many ppl who are lost technically!!!
    Continue doing it and Good luck:)

  4. Gr8 jod Ben…
    Another feather to ur cap of Achievements… u were really of a gr8 help, inspiration to us via your expertsheaven.com, and now through ur techblogs…
    betn… hav a provision to post our doubts here man…(though u hav a forum @ expertsheaven)

    Keep going man…

    PS: Teach for Ram n me also da…

  5. Looks to b great man…
    queries that hev been here looks to be unknown and ll be too useful for guys under oracle….
    seems that Ben has expertised in Oracle… this is something that proves him to be a great techie with tricky….

  6. hey ben..gud to see tht u’ve strtd bloggin too…i guess its pretty late to welcome u to the workd of blogging,….coz u already seem to have got a lot of posts up there..gud luck to u …and i guess ur goin to keep riting contrary to wat u stated…keep riting…im sure it will provide a lot of valuable info to many..gud luck !!!

  7. Hi Ben,
    i came to know late da, still nice to see that u have started keep uploading blogs. will help every one a lot

    gd luck !


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