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Sony Ericsson W800i Mobile tips, tricks, shortcuts and FAQ complete collection

Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman PhoneI’ve been using Sony Ericsson W800i for more than month’s time. Initially I was not able to make use of my phone complete without the required tips and guidelines. I’d to do manually search a lot and try out a few. So I thought of getting this page up so that other W800i users would be benefited. If you’re a W800i or similar model user definitely you will find this useful unless you a more advanced user.

Tips / Trick / Shortcuts
1. Quick activation of camera
Open the back capping strip of camera’s lens. Works even keypad is locked 🙂

2. In messages by pressing “*” you can turn on/off T9.

3. In themes, sounds, videos… use easy searching by typing letters as in contacts.

4. Turn off the ringing without decline incoming calls… Just press some side button of volume or “#”.

5. By right side double-button you can show status of your phone. In sleep mode you can light clock.

6. In main menu you can move faster with shortcuts on keyboard which comes up to dislocation of menu icons. In next sub menus, numbers belongs to number of lines from the top.

7. Service menu (firmware): >*<<*<* where <> is right joystick

8. IMEI number: *#06#

9. Shutdown camera sound: hold button “#”

10. In horizontal viewing mode you can use the “+” and “–” volume keys to zoom in and out of the picture. You can also use the 1 and 3 keys to zoom.

11. At active camera:

1 – change size of photo
4 – turn on/off macro mode
7 – turn on/off night mode
* – turn on/off lightning diodes

Change of zoom: with right side buttons you can zoom in/out
Change of photo brightness: by moving joystick up/down.

12. At active video:

1 – change video size
4 – turn on/off macro mode
7 – turn on/off night mode
* – turn on/off lightning diodes

Change of zoom: with right side buttons you can zoom in/out
Change of video brightness: by moving joystick up/down

13. Reading of text files: send txt file to your phone, file will be saved in “Web pages” and you can open it. Bold and commas don’t work.

14. By holding buttons 2-9 you will get to phone book in telephone on given first letter of given button.

15. By holding “c” at calling you will turn off microphone.

16. By pressing button 1-220 and pressing “#” will be displayed number on SIM card on given position 1-220. Option “Calling from SIM card” will appear.

17. You can move in calendar with these shortcuts:

1 and 3 – week
4 and 6 – month
7 and 9 – year

18. At minimized or locked MP3 player you can change volume by right side buttons, or you can jump to next song by holding one of this buttons.

19. By pressing “*” and “lock” you can lock keyboard in menu of MP3 player or Video recorder.

20. Some special secret-smiles (Any where you can type in the phone even phone book)

big-smile :-] or 😀
sad-smile :-[
chick-smile [:]
kiss-smile 😡 or :-*
lazy-smile |-l
neutral-smile :-l
surprise-smile 😮

21. If you are using Dictionary (T9) to write SMS, you can press the 1 key (3 times in line), than slide the joystick down to choose your smile.

22. Want to see your notes on the main standby screen? Simply access the Main Menu -> Organizer -> Notes -> Add a New Note. Once you’ve added the note, save it. Highlight the new Note, press the right button for the More option, and choose Show on Standby.

23. To capture a video frame as an image file, first Pause the Video, then select More -> Capture frame. The image will be stored in your phone memory’s Pictures folder.

24. Slide the joystick down during video playback and the video will be in slow-motion.

25. Press > for next track, <>

26. Press and hold > or <>

27. While player Minimized mode, press and hold the “-” volume button for next song. Conversely, press and hold “+” for previous song.

28. Behind the battery, on the white sticker inside the phone, you will see a code (4th line above the barcode), for example 03W21. This means your phone was manufactured in week 21, 2003

29. This code will lead you to the network-lock menu Code:
< * *< (<> means left or right with your joystick).

30. Instead of the joystick, you can press the 1 or 3 key to navigate between tracks. Press 2 to pause/play, and 4 or 6 can be used to fast forward or rewind a track.

31. Pressing # during radio play and you’ll be able to type in the radio station frequency.

32. While in Radio Minimized mode, press and hold the “-” volume button for next available station (note: not next preset station). The “+” volume button will tune to the previous available station.



1. How much SMS I can store the max in W800i?

You can save 200 SMS on your mobile. There are several methods to unlock the phone feature to store unlimited SMS by editing the SE FS.

2. How to check the status of number of messages stored in inbox?

Go to the file manager, press more-> memory status->scroll down to messages. You will see the message count there.


1. Pictures taken in daylight are awesome, but in artificial light I get some dots in the images, not that good clarity?

Off course night needs higher brightness, just night mode isn’t sufficient. With flash and adjustment in joystick (brightness) level clarity can be increased to certain level. But it would be injustice to expect more from a camera phone and not a high mega pixel digital camera 🙂

2. What is auto focus? How do I use that?

The camera automatically focuses on a subject or object at which it is pointed. The focus helps to achieve best image quality. It exactly the same technology used in Digital Cameras. To make use of Auto focus feature in W800i, make sure that you hear a peep sound and a green indicator not blinking point and frame. Once you get this go for the shot 🙂

3. How do I record videos longer than 10 seconds?

You’ll need to switch the Shoot Mode to High Quality. Press 0 when in video mode.

4. How to snap photos while in Flight Mode?

The w800i’s Flight Mode allows you to access the WALKMAN Player function without turning on the phone’s transmitting functions (ideal for use during flights). You can actually also access the Camera function while in Flight Mode. Simply lock the keypad, open the camera lens and snap away! (This function works only with the initial firmware release. Reportedly in most of the latest firmware release this option doesn’t work)

5. Can you use the camera without SIM?

Well it can be done. But needed some research to figure out this option. Thanks Sailesh for sharing this tip. He is running r1bc002 firmware. Here is the tip; Switch on the mobile and in the Main menu (where it asks to select Flight mode or Phone) lock the keypad. After locking the keypad, open up the camera. You’re snap all the way (don’t miss to check Sailesh snaps done this way, here)


1. Does W800i support mp4 files?

Yes, the walkman phone support mp4 files to be plays. But make sure you give correct parameters while you convert the video into mp4 file. Check out the Rockstar sample video for correct parameter.

2. Does W800i support Bluetooth stereo headset to play song?

Unfortunately No, W800i does not support A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). Hence we will not be able to listen to music using Bluetooth stereo headset. 🙁

3. Can W800i play AVI files?

Sorry no, it does not support AVI files to be played. Current firmware supports Video Support: mpeg-4, 3gpp, h.263, xmf, svgt and Audio Support: midi, midi40, amr, aac, wav, mp3, mp4.

4. What is RDS and how do I use it?

RDS stands for Radio Data Service. If a particular radio station supports this, then info like the name of the station will be automatically shown. Not all stations support this, so it does not work for all stations.


1. What do those 3 overlapping squares at the top left denote?

It signifies that you are using a profile other than the default “normal” profile.

2. How do I read text files with the phone?

You can create *.txt files and then send the file to the Web Pages/Save Pages folder. You can also create text files with MS Word and save them as a web page (*.htm). This is useful especially if you are using foreign characters, as they will sometimes not appear if saved as a *.txt file.

3. What is the maximum storage supported?

According to the official specifications, w800i supports Memory Stick PRO Duo of up to 2GB.

4. Is it possible to use the phone as a remote control for the television, music system, etc?

Yes, it can be done if your system support Bluetooth interface. Unfortunately IR remote control doesn’t work in W800i since the IR features works well only with Symbian phones.

5. Can I set different ring tones for different profiles?

No, you can’t. Only one ring tone can be set for all profiles.

6. Is it required to drain the battery before every recharge?

With Lithium batteries there is no advantage to draining the battery. The battery will in fact last longer with partial rather than full discharges. There is no battery memory effect with a lithium battery – you can charge the battery whenever you like without fear of reducing its charge capacity, and you do not need to drain a lithium battery completely before recharging it. Please refer www.batteryuniversity.com for more information.

7. How to update my firmware?

If you are updating your firmware for the 1st time, follow the Step by Step Instructions available in SE official site. Your firmware can be updated through the Sony Ericsson Update Service II (SEUS II). In order to use SEUS you will need to have internet access (preferably Broadband) and attach your phone to your PC via the supplied USB cable.

Finally at Last, the cool, gorgeous, sexy W800i was discontinued by Sony Ericsson to promote its successor W810i. W800i is no more in production. Still W800i rockz!!!

At last but not the least thanks for the Sony Ericsson India community members in Orkut from where I’ve formulate the FAQ page and collate few good tips from esato.com

Most of tips mentioned here works well with Sony Ericsson K750 / W810i / W850i / W700i / W900i / W950i / W880i / W200i / W300i / W550i and most other Walkman models.

W800i Resources (Ring tones, Themes, JAVA apps, Screensavers, Wallpapers, Games)

Sony Ericsson Developer Tools:-

Exclusive W800i Site:-




Games/ JAVA application :-

Other Resource:-




If you think something is missing out here; Please add them as comments.

Update:- Read my review about W800i at MouthShut.com

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