CodeIDE, a online code complier and IDE

CodeIDE is a web application that allow users to write and compile their code using their online interface. CodeIDE isn’t cool but I would it is a good idea worth a try. CodeIDE provides basic IDE functionality with option to save executable file. CodeIDE also did try well to socialize by providing a public chat.

CodeIDE logoI stumbled upon recently. CodeIDE is a browser based IDE that allows you to write and compile few programming language. Currently CodeIDE supports BASIC, Pascal, ANSI C, Perl, JavaScript, HTML, LISP, MATH, etc., CodeIDE is still in development stage and they are adding bunch of features lately. Now they have their own blogs, wikis, forum etc to share and learn idea between the users.

CodeIDE added compiler feature recently which allows you to compile your code remotely. They have support for Linux and Window executable now. They will be adding support for Mac pretty soon which would be more fun. But they have not yet released information on what kind of compilers, processors they use for compiling. They support compiling C code, it has it own positives and negatives. I will not be able to comment much on that since they haven’t provided the internal details.

CodeIDE offers a command line function, which was very similar to the command line provided by YouOS. The command line interface was clean and allows user to do basic file operations. Over the sidebar, codeIDE also has a File browser which resembled to DOS file browser tools. It didn’t come with much user friendly but handy though. The sidebar also has a Result window that displays the output of your code.

CodeIDE Screenshot

CodeIDE also comes with a simple text editor that allows you to import the code, export, search / replace and other basic things. Registered users can save their files and share their files to other user as well. The basic IDE functionality of creating a project and grouping the code base is also supported.

The most interesting part is they have public chats enable that allow user to socialize and interact with other programmers. They also have concentrated much on the social networking by having personal blogs, etc. They need to build upon this in their upcoming release as well. They have a user edited wiki documentation now. They have live support also to fix your issues online. Moreover forums are there for expert guidance.

CodeIDE has option to run the code interactively using their Run option. It will compile the code and display the result in output window. You have option to save the executable as EXE file or publish the project as required.


IMO, following would be reasonable enhancement /addon to their application.

  • an advanced full functional editor
  • support for syntax highlight this makes programming much easier
  • support for programming language like PHP, Python, Ruby etc.,
  • improved and well arranged UI currently all the components are placed clumsy in the homepage
  • better documentation and support
  • online help library
  • advancd complier features support

Bottom line, CodeIDE creates a new environment for beginners who can learn programming language without much pain of installing Compilers and IDE’s. CodeIDE will not be a programmers choice until they have support to most of the advanced / must have functions that are currently been supported by off-line IDE’s. But CodeIDE is a unique idea that need to be appreciated.

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  3. Programming is fun, if provided with basic tools.

    I am a geek, and a programmer-wannabe, but in India, we can’t get proper courses at 15 years of age. Atleast not in Kerala, where I live.

    btw, are you a mallu?

  4. Well… but there are lot of institutes which focuses on such stuff rite? at least which I’m aware of.!!! Well.. I’m not mallu..

    you can checkout it in my plugins used list… it is called Live Preview.

  5. It may be good for finding some error on your program if you don’t have one installed on your machine. But I believe it is not for serious development

  6. Yes, you’re correct. Currently it is not meant for serious development. But don’t be surprised if there a release for serious development in future 🙂

  7. Hey Benedict,

    We’re not trying to be a multi language site. What we’re developing is a web server with a special web oriented BASIC built right in. There isn’t any need to learn CGI programming or other complex web development techniques. Run BASIC can be used by individuals and served from a machine at home, or it can be used by schools or businesses. Once an application is ready, deployment is as simple as checking a box. This is great for personal programming, small business apps, home security control, custom apps for the iPhone or other connected devices, etc.

    Perhaps once we have this product shipping we might consider adding a Ruby parser or something else. 😉

  8. Carl Gundel– I really appreciate the response. I understand you’re trying to create a BASIC for Web. This seems to be interesting concept. I would be glad to have a look once the product is ready to ship and keep us informed. Thanks and Good Luck!

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