Top 5 Torrent Sites in 2015

It’s really easy to argue which torrent site is the best since everyone has their own opinion. I will be talking about statistically rated torrent sites. When using such websites, try to protect yourself from hackers or malicious spy-ware. Use a great VPN to help with keeping your identity secure when file sharing.

The site has suffered from domain name changes but has been able to keep itself up. Kickass was founded in 2009 and since then has been slowly on the rise. What makes this website stand out a little more than the others is its great user interface and visual attraction. Kickass is also available in a total of 30 languages with millions of torrent downloads worldwide.

Alexa Rank Global = 140


ThePirateBay has had a few issues lately with it shutting down and recently coming back up. It is still widely known and one of the greatest of all time. The website was created by Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde, and Gottfrid Svartholm in Sweden in 2003. The servers support SSL encryption in response to the new wiretapping law in Sweden.

Alexa Rank Global = 223


This site doesn’t host torrent magnet links itself. What it does is redirect users to other places on the web to find what they came looking for. It acts a middle man for torrents instead of allowing itself to be blamed for illegal user uploaded content. It runs using a powerful Metasearch engine created by flippy in 2003

Alexa Rank Global = 226


Extratorrent has been having great success in little time.  It has risen all the way to 4th place on statistic charts. This fame has also caught the eye of the MPAA or the Motion Pictures of America. This recent event has caused them to switch their domain name from .com to .cc.

Alexa Rank Global = 358


This website is dedicated to TV torrent distribution and was founded in 2005. EZTV prides itself on its totally free user friendly website. It has quickly become a popular destination for torrent users all over the world. Torrenting movies and copy written TV shows is illegal, so do this at your own risk.

Alexa Rank USA = 6,003

The torrent sites I spoke about are statistically the top pages; however everyone has a personal preference when using such things. I hope you can find a home with one of these communities and help them grow if you haven’t already.  Have fun, stay safe, and remember to keep your identity to yourself.

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