Migrating New Blogger to WordPress 2

Import your posts with comments from New Blogger to WordPress 2. New Blogger Import tool is ease and simple to use; no more manual pains.

My love with Blogger is over finally πŸ™‚ I have been planning for move to WordPress for a long time. I have been stopped since I did’t want to carry the pain in my butt with all the manual stuff involved in it previously.

After the announcement of new blogger import feature in WordPress. I thought to give a try and which now made me to take the final move. Now I’m proudly powered by WordPress and themed by Qwil

Blogger to WordPress

The new blogger import plugin is out of beta and is been tested with the current version of WordPress. The final version is available here. From the new release of WordPress this plugin would be present as default.

Features :-

  • Imports all Blogger Posts
  • Imports all the Comments
  • Imports the Post Author and Comment Author information
  • Imports Categories (i.e. Labels) from Blogger

Other Useful Utils:-

1. While you’re testing the blogger import feature you can try out WordPress Suicide plugin; this plugin will help you clear all the posts in WordPress.

2. By itself it does not support to import the images hosted in blogger, but you can use the blogger image import plugin.

The plugin is compatible only with new blogger so i would suggest to migrate everyone to migrate to new blogger. Since the old blogger import utility will not import post comments along with posts.

Here I will provide you the steps required to Import the post from New Blogger to WordPress.


The import plugin won’t work with the blogs that are using FTP publishing. So before trying this import feature make sure you switch to Blogspot publishing.


  1. Make sure you got the id of Blogger which your tring to import( say bloggerid.blogspot.com).
  2. Make sure your blogger publish full feeds, if not modify the option to publish full feeds. ( In Settings –> Site Feeds –> Blog Posts Feed –> FULL)
  3. Download the latest plugin from here.
  4. Upload the plugin to the WordPress plugin location and activate the plugin.
  5. Make sure your web-server supports url_fopen or should have curl enabled.
  6. In WordPress, goto Manage –> New Blogger Import to access the plugin.
  7. Provide your blogger id which you’re trying to import.
  8. Select the default category and author, where you want the post to be imported.
  9. Also you have option to create the category and author corresponding to the post.
  10. If you’re blog is too large and you’re facing time out error, reduce the import cycles and unpick the import every posts in single fly option.
  11. If you’re using Haloscan comment in blogger, then enable the option and use the plugin in conjunction with this.
  12. If you want to enable permalink structure same as used by blogger turn this on. I would not suggest it.
  13. Click on import, you will be all set and it ask to import the author information.
  14. Save those changes. Now all the post and comments are imported to WordPress
  15. Now it’s time to say good bye to Blogger forever. See the redirection below.

If you have published the Blogger using FTP previously, you got good luck. Since you will be able to do a Permanent direct 301 using .htaccess using the syntax below.

RedirectMatch permanent ^blog/2006/07/old-post-link.html$ http://www.sitename.org/newblog/2006/07/new-post-link/

The posts redirected with 301 redirect will not loose search engine ranking or penalized.

But if you’re using blogspot publishing, you will left with no other option that using <META> tag redirect. You can make the required changes in the template and republish the blog. So that the blogger will redirect all the request to the newly hosted wordpress domain. See below a sample syntax of blogger template should be to enable the blogger redirect.

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<title>My blog title</title>
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5;
url=http://www.sitename.com/newblog" />
If your browser supports Refresh, you'll be transported to our <a href="http://www.sitename.com/newblog">New Blog</a> in 5 seconds, otherwise, select the link manually. Thank you </p>

Now you will preserve your traffic as well.

Have fun. Say good-bye to Blogger soon πŸ™‚

Happily and Proudly powered by WordPress.

Update (04/26/07) : The above method doesn’t work anymore; since the plugin in broken as there was a change in Blogger’s feed. Better option would be upgrading to WordPress 2.2, which has inbuilt blogger import feature. Good Luck!

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  4. Won’t the WP blog be penalised if it has the same posts as the Blogger blog?

    Ben, if you remember me, you suggested that I move to WP, and I am complying. But I have some problems:
    I am good in tech and blog stuff, WP themes, posts etc.
    But when it comes to WP plugins, FTPing, deleting and upgrading plugins, backing up MySQL database, WP installs, upgrade WP etc, I am useless. I learned Blogger inside out in 2months, and started hacking(you read one of those and left the comment advising me to WP).

    I have no problems with the domain, hosting and even WP install, but its the maintenance that frightens me.

    Are you sure it will be easy? I know it will be worth it. I will be aided by a WP expert in install and first few posts, but from then on, it will be me only.

    So, is it easy to maintain the WP blog? What about integrating AdSense, Amazon, AdBrite and TextLinkAds?

    Please help me, because your reply could well be the difference between me moving to WP and staying on New Blogger.

  5. Well here is what I have,

    Search engines might penalize for duplicate contents. But there is a lot of ways in handling that effectively. In my case, I removed the contents of blogger blog and had the traffic to be redirected to the new WordPress Bloggger. you can very well follow the same. have the blogger blog to say “dude the site is been moved”. Also you can have NOINDEX stuff in the old blogger if you still want to retain the blog. So it wouldn’t be a main factor that stops you..

    I can’t really agree with you… WordPress is much friendly to everyone.. that too if you’re a techie… you should not have second thought. WordPress is much easy to customize compared with Blogger. Blogger does not allow you to customize completely. It has it own restrictions, even i tried hacking Blogger but I didn’t prefer Blogger when after I made it to WordPress. WordPress has smooth installation, upgrading, etc.. etc.. plugins are awesome to say.

    What makes you think maintenance of WordPress is nightmare? From my personal experience it does not require much other than managing the site overall.

    Well.. if you think so there are WordPress support forum.. They will have answers for most of your questions.

    When i said easy to manage, it involves everything you have plugins that will integrate each everything that is required by a blogger.

    Final word, move it to WordPress!!! at early stage it is easy to move around rather than after having more than 10000 of posts πŸ™‚

  6. thanks for your inspiring comment(really…). Its official then – I am moving to WP in April.

    I hope you will help clear some of my doubts in WP.

    And hacking Blogger – it isnt easy, but if you are interested, there are hacks that you can make in Blogger, but just dream in WP, due to WP’s PHP pages, but blogger’s simple data tags.

    Anyway, I kind’a feel bored with Blogger hacks – there is only so much you can do. I want to explore the new horizon that WP is…..

  7. @Sumesh,
    It’s is really pleasing to hear your decision… Warm welcome to the self hosted WordPress club πŸ™‚

    Yes.. myself and other folks who work around with WordPress would be ready to help you out.

    Hacking Blogger would be interesting, but didn’t give me a fruit since I had quite a lot of limitation. If you have time you can peek around my Lightbox tweak for blogger but didn’t do much help though. Blogger is best for beginner and not for advanced users.

    Hope you will explore WP and will have some good plugins too so others will get benefit out of it.

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  9. Awesome! I’m somewhat technical but not overly and this was a snap! It even migrated all of my pics! (I was already hosting on my own site so it just copied the code in the posts which points to the pics on my server).

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  11. thanking ye muchly m’love – just implemented said code into my old blogger template, guess i’ll soon see if anyone cares enough to find me *grin*

  12. Hi Mark, I have really little knowledge about Free hosting I have used those only in my school days. lol πŸ˜‰ if you want I can suggest you few affordable hosting sites. I hate free hosting just because of their ads!!

  13. Hi, This is a very late comment but would like to know why you decided to move from Blogger to WordPress – are there any special features that made you move to wordpress? Just curious..

  14. Sam – I’m glad that you raised this point. Here are few high points that tempted me for the move. 1) WordPress is highly customizable; in blogger system the most I can do is modifying the templates. With WordPress you can play around with code, plugins etc. and theme. 2) Blogger has worst commenting system; I really feel uncomfortable in commenting bloggers blog 3) WordPress is self hosted and you manage things yourself.

    I think there are more other reasons as well.. these came into mind immediately.

    Hope to see you in WordPress soon πŸ™‚

  15. I’m deeply impressed by self hosted WordPress and too want to join the club.But there are 3 barriers…

    1. My PR would be lost
    2 Traffic to individual post will get lost…
    3.Technorati Rank will be lost

    To make it clear, I said “Traffic to individual post will get lost…” because most of my traffic is from organic Google Search to an post.Will the SE bot and traffic be redirected to the individual post on the new blog or to the same post on the new blog?

    Also what do you recommend, should I mke the shift?
    And whats the best time to do it?

  16. Hi,
    I am trying to shift to WP. But I have a complex (for me) problem. I think you can help me.
    First step was to get my own domain. That is done.
    In blogger I have 2 blogs under same profile and they are working fine. I have really taken pains in modifying the templates’s look & feel. You can check them out. πŸ™‚
    Basically I want to move those 2 blogs to WP and create a new one, all with different themes and plugins. .
    My Doubts/Problems-
    1. What is the best way do you suggest.
    2. Can I have multi blogs with single database and single WP installation on WP or I will have to have multi installations ?
    3. The above statement means whenever there is an update of WP, I’ll have to upgrade in all installations.
    4. I am not sure whether WP-MU works properly or not. Not going to experiment with it. If you know of any site using this, let me know pls.
    5. I don’t know how to modify CSS, except for very basic things.

    I came across a plugin called Super Category but that doesn’t work for latest version of WP. πŸ™

    I would be grateful if you could help me in this.

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  19. thanks a lot for this great tip! i have finally moved my blogger account into wordpress platform including SEO points hopefully, it worked perfectly from my vertito.blogspot.com blogger account

    nice ! keep it up!

  20. cool discussion , does Word press provide custom domian for free user?
    once i tired with a sample wordpress blog but i feel little confusion i writing articles and lables/categoreis…is my preception wrong??

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