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Top 5 Torrent Sites in 2015

It’s really easy to argue which torrent site is the best since everyone has their own opinion. I will be talking about statistically rated torrent sites. When using such websites, try to protect yourself from hackers or malicious spy-ware. Use a great VPN to help with keeping your identity secure when file sharing. Kickass.to The

Top 5 Popular Torrent Sites of 2007

Have you ever wondered about what would be the most 5 popular torrent site of 2007? Guess what, here we have the list of torrents that made into top five position based on popularity this year. Last year I compiled the list of popular torrents based on the few selection parameters. This year I have

4 tools to integrate Flickr photos into your website

Flickr is a great and best photo-sharing site, no second thoughts about it. But the inability Flickr to allow their users to brand their own photoset is notable. Flickr API’s comes in handy for the rescue. Flickr tools built over Flickr API allow the user to brand their photo into their own site. I have

Top 5 open source Wiki engines

A Wiki is a website which visitors can modify. Wikis are composed of web pages you can write on, enabling fast and easy collaboration Why Wiki? This is very commonly asked and answered question. But here is the few uses which I feel about a Wiki. Educational: It can be used as instrumental tool for

Web log analysis software and top 5

Every blogger or site owners would be aware of advantage and importance of Web Analytics. Which tool to use? It is one of the important decisions everyone should take before starting up a blog or a site. Web Analytics widely has two approaches log file analysis and page tagging. The later is more popular these

Top 5 Free Notepad replacements

Notepad is one of the few tools that is been a part of Windows operating system and which have not been evolved since its initial release. Notepad is simple to use and lacks many features / enhancement. So it is always better to look for a replacement, which will overcome all known issues of Notepad.

Quick overview of available Blogging Platforms

Blogging has become a passion to lot of people these days (I can include myself). Technorati says a new blog appears every 2 seconds. And there are lot many novice blogger behind it. They will come across this question before they start a blog “which blogging platform to use?” The options are wide open and