4 tools to integrate Flickr photos into your website

FlickrFlickr is a great and best photo-sharing site, no second thoughts about it. But the inability Flickr to allow their users to brand their own photoset is notable. Flickr API’s comes in handy for the rescue. Flickr tools built over Flickr API allow the user to brand their photo into their own site.

I have been using Gallery2 till now, since I wanted to brand my photos under my banner. But when you have bunch of photos trust me managing it with a self-hosted solution is a pain. That why I decided to move to hosted photo-sharing solution. Flickr sounded like the solution for me with plenty of flickr tools.

Here is the bunch of flickr tools that I discovered recently. If you are looking methods to brand your Flickr photos under your banner this list would be great help.

Flogr ( Demo | Download )

Flogr is a photoblog application that works great with Flickr. Flogr written on PHP over MySQL database and off course uses Flickr API. Flogr allows you to customize your template. It uses Slimbox implementation for slideshow. Flogr grabs EXIF data and comments from Flickr for each image. Moreover Flogr is easy to install and configure!

Flogr Screenshot

Satellite ( Demo | Download)

Satellite is a photo gallery application that allows you to use Flicks for hosting. The installation is simple; all you need is Flickr account, Flickr API key and a PHP supported host. Satellite uses MooTools framework and Slimbox implementation.

Satellite Screenshot

Chasr ( Demo | Download )

Chasr is another similar mini application that allows to display Flickr images in own website. Chasr is very simple implementation that allows you to customize it to you own theme. Chasr allows you to view / add comments to the images.

Chasr Screenshot

FlickrViewer ( Demo | Download )

FlickrViewer is a simple script written over SimpleViewer, which allows viewing Flickr photoset. SimpleViewer is a popular Flash app that allows to views self hosted photos. FlickrViewer needs Flickr API Key to read the images from you blog. This is simple flash gallery application.


Also if you like to integrate Flickr into your WordPress blog there are several plugins for it.

BTW, I have recently purchased Panasonic Lumix FZ50 camera and now I’m thinking of creating new photoblog. If you guys have better suggestion for photoblog, please suggest me.

Are you running photoblog using Flickr? If not do you plan to do so?

Update:- Moses over WPThemesPlugin.com has listed all flickr related plugins used with WordPress.

Update (08/30) :- Ram over TeknoBites did a favour for me listing all the photoblog themes available for WordPress. Thank you gentleman.

36 thoughts on “4 tools to integrate Flickr photos into your website”

  1. Nice collection ben, even i am thinking to start a photo blog. I have a flickr pro account may be flogr would do the job. What do you think which one is better.

  2. Nice list, I have not used any from the list. Will adding these slow up the websites? Generally I dont like to show Flickr images in my blog.

  3. Those were really great tools :O I'm gonna give them a try.

    BTW, what plugin are you using over here – that displays a WYSIWG editor kinda thing in this comment form?

  4. Ram – Wow, thats a great news. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Yes, Flogr tops the list for now; Satellite is good option too. Show us your photography skills.

    Nirmal – Good Question. No, It doesn't generally slow up your blog, It is just showing normal picture. Flickr API's are well optimized. It might slow down your blog only when flickr has a problem 🙂 You should try branding your own picture under your site.

    Shankar –  You will love it for sure 🙂 I'm using  TinyMCEComments plugin for my comments. Does a good job isn't?

  5. Flogr does look good indeed.. Presently, I don;'t have much time to run another blog, but I do love photography and click around whenever I can 😉

  6. Shankar – Cool, wish to see that in your template as well 🙂

    Madhur – Sure you have to try this! This is cool!

    ram – Everyone is not born photographer… It is a skill and can be acquired by anyone.  I'm just a beginner too! you have some nice shots there in flickr, you can fliter them out and display on your blog! Good Luck!

    Vijay – With these tools it doesn't take much effort to run another blog! Its just setting up a flickr account and uploading your shots. Nice to hear you love photography, looking forward to see some good snaps!

  7. Ben, Thou was happy with flickr before for my light box, well sometimes my images goes invisible with not available. That was little weird and was not helpful for me. I kind of started using my aminus pics code and works well.

    U r into fotoblog huh!! Good for ya. PBase is pretty good, but it has a little amount to be paid. Pixelpost is pretty cool too. Photo.net is another one where you share and rate others pics. Better read before you sign in. Good Luck and ur new camera looks cool.

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  11. Pria – Yes, I believe lightbox gets into trouble when you're not selfhosted. I'll getting into there soon. I have heard about PBase, but they don't let you to host your files from your site. Here I'm looking for an alternative which will work with my current site and flickr. anyway thanks for the suggestions! Thank you for the wishes and yes, camera rocks 🙂

    Yuanyu – You're welcome!

    Haris – Cool. hope you liked them.

    Zia – Yes, these need to be installed with your site. There are webbased tools for displaying flickr slideshows and sets. i'm not sure if there are tools to display the images.

    ReviewSaurus – Yep, you're correct! I was on vacation. Enjoying my time back in India and having bloggers break for while!. Hope I'll break that soon 🙂 Thank you dude.. keep watching for pics!

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  14. gravityroom.com domain, which used to be Satellite’s demo site, seems to be on sale. I guess satellite is falling from its orbit or something …

  15. Chasr home page and demo link also gives 404.
    Download link throws you somewhere, where you probably can find what your looking for, but the site doesn’t create confidence about the tool.

  16. Hey, as far as a photoblog goes – I’m building an advanced photoblog software (php/mysql) that is going to be pretty sweet. It uses ajax and flex.

    I hope to have a beta version ready for release within a couple of months. Email me if you would be interested in being a beta tester.

  17. Very nice collection of tools. Thanks for sharing!

    On a side note, the link to the demo for “Flogr” has an extra ‘http://’ in the address — so if you click the link you go to the wrong page. 😉

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