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4 tools to integrate Flickr photos into your website


FlickrFlickr is a great and best photo-sharing site, no second thoughts about it. But the inability Flickr to allow their users to brand their own photoset is notable. Flickr API’s comes in handy for the rescue. Flickr tools built over Flickr API allow the user to brand their photo into their own site.

I have been using Gallery2 till now, since I wanted to brand my photos under my banner. But when you have bunch of photos trust me managing it with a self-hosted solution is a pain. That why I decided to move to hosted photo-sharing solution. Flickr sounded like the solution for me with plenty of flickr tools.

Here is the bunch of flickr tools that I discovered recently. If you are looking methods to brand your Flickr photos under your banner this list would be great help.

Flogr ( Demo | Download )

Flogr is a photoblog application that works great with Flickr. Flogr written on PHP over MySQL database and off course uses Flickr API. Flogr allows you to customize your template. It uses Slimbox implementation for slideshow. Flogr grabs EXIF data and comments from Flickr for each image. Moreover Flogr is easy to install and configure!

Flogr Screenshot

Satellite ( Demo | Download)

Satellite is a photo gallery application that allows you to use Flicks for hosting. The installation is simple; all you need is Flickr account, Flickr API key and a PHP supported host. Satellite uses MooTools framework and Slimbox implementation.

Satellite Screenshot

Chasr ( Demo | Download )

Chasr is another similar mini application that allows to display Flickr images in own website. Chasr is very simple implementation that allows you to customize it to you own theme. Chasr allows you to view / add comments to the images.

Chasr Screenshot

FlickrViewer ( Demo | Download )

FlickrViewer is a simple script written over SimpleViewer, which allows viewing Flickr photoset. SimpleViewer is a popular Flash app that allows to views self hosted photos. FlickrViewer needs Flickr API Key to read the images from you blog. This is simple flash gallery application.


Also if you like to integrate Flickr into your WordPress blog there are several plugins for it.

BTW, I have recently purchased Panasonic Lumix FZ50 camera and now I’m thinking of creating new photoblog. If you guys have better suggestion for photoblog, please suggest me.

Are you running photoblog using Flickr? If not do you plan to do so?

Update:- Moses over has listed all flickr related plugins used with WordPress.

Update (08/30) :- Ram over TeknoBites did a favour for me listing all the photoblog themes available for WordPress. Thank you gentleman.

Picnik, the Best Online Photo Editor

Picnik is another online image editing tool like Fauxto, Snipshot etc. Picnik is relatively new, fast and stylish flash based online photo editor. Picknic is my personal favorite now in online photo editing.

Click! Click! Click! and you’re done.

I stopped at today when I was searching for Picasa Web Album API, which was released earlier today. Picnik is one of the featured projects that use Google’s Gdata API. I was really amazed with this tool. I have tried couple of other online photo editing tools before but nothing fascinated me as much as Picnik. TechCrunch also reports Picnik has replaced PXN8, their Ajax-based favorite online editing tool.

Picnik, a online photo editing softwarePicnik is completely different application in the Web2.0 buzz. Picknik is completely Flash based their user interface is fastest among the best. The coolest part is Picnik has API based integration with most popular web albums Flikr and PicasaWeb. Picnik is an innovative tool that brings the online photo editing much flexible and simple never before. Picnik would be a better alternative to any offline photo-editing tool for simple operations like crop, resize, and more. Picnik does bundle with few advanced options like basic photo effects, borders and special effects.

Picknik is currently in free public beta and it would come with premium plan in future but the basic image editing option would be free. Picnik is currently looking for naming convention of their premium version. Picnik is released by a Seattle based start up company called Bitnik

Key Features

  • Crop, rotate, and resize picture in real time
  • One click photo fixing and other in-depth color editing
  • Believe me it is fast than advertised 🙂
  • Integrates with most of the photo sharing / printing sites
  • No installation required. All online.
  • Compatible with Window/ Mac and Linux
  • Completely FREE during beta after that basic features will remain free
  • Easy to use and fast user interface.

Picnik the Best Online Photo Editor ScreenShot

Photo Input option

Picknik supports JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TGA, and TIF picture formats. Picnik can grab photos from any of the below source for editing.

  • Flickr Album / Picasa Web Album
  • Upload directly from computer
  • Grab the photos from site directly
  • Yahoo / Flickr search
  • Capture directly from Web Camera

Available Editing Options

With Picnik you can auto fix the photo for color and exposure. Also it has basic Rotate, Crop, Resize, Color, Exposure, Sharpen, and Red-Eye editing options. These features come handy. Also you have unlimited UNDO options available so that you can keep editing as you need.

The advance editing option comes with basic photo effects like Sepia, B/W, Boost, Soften, Vignette, and Matte. Also you can create border easily around the picture using the border option. Also there are few other advanced options that come in bundle with premium offering.

Save & Share

Picnik supports really cool options for saving and sharing. The wide options include

  • You can save directly to flickr or picasa account.
  • Email the photo to anyone
  • Save it locally in the computer
  • Creating a flickr slideshow and share it across the website
  • Email to photo sharing / printing websites
  • Print the photos directly

Bottom line, Picnik is a free online photo-editing tool that can be used for basic editing purpose that reduces the burden of installing a heavy desktop application.

Try this out today and share your comment and feedback. Free Image Search Engine

YotoPhoto is an alternative for Google Image search. YotoPhoto can be used for searching free / open images. YotoPhoto can be great resource for bloggers and designers.

I was looking for a decent image for my new design. I initially tried using Google’s Image search. I was fed up with Google, since it had a huge source and most of the decent images are copy protected as well 🙁 So I was not able to get what I wanted. Only then I came to know about the existence of image search engine where we can find free to use images.

YotoPhoto was really decent which managed to give me decent images with Creative Commons, Public Domain, GNU FDL, and various other ‘copyleft’ licenses.YotoPhoto is an image search engine with a difference. It allows you to search for free-to-use stock photographs and images.

They index various sources of free imagery on the web including Flickr, Wikipedia, Stock.Xchng, Morguefile, Pixelperfect Digital and OpenPhoto. Only photographs are indexed at this time. Other image types like maps, graphics, illustrations, 3D renderings, charts and the like are not indexed currently.

In short these are images you can use without paying anything. However an attribution may be required in some cases. They also provide a link to the type of license the image is under for convenience.

You can search by tags, keywords or by color. You can include stop words and specify image orientation. You can also combine keyword search with color attribute. YotoPhoto gives the copyright information about the image in search results which is great for Developers/ Designers etc,

Finally I got a decent image for the my new design 🙂

Kudoz to YotoPhoto!

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