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4 tools to integrate Flickr photos into your website

Flickr is a great and best photo-sharing site, no second thoughts about it. But the inability Flickr to allow their users to brand their own photoset is notable. Flickr API’s comes in handy for the rescue. Flickr tools built over Flickr API allow the user to brand their photo into their own site. I have

Picnik, the Best Online Photo Editor

Picnik is another online image editing tool like Fauxto, Snipshot etc. Picnik is relatively new, fast and stylish flash based online photo editor. Picknic is my personal favorite now in online photo editing. Click! Click! Click! and you’re done. I stopped at Picnik.com today when I was searching for Picasa Web Album API, which was

YotoPhoto.com: Free Image Search Engine

YotoPhoto is an alternative for Google Image search. YotoPhoto can be used for searching free / open images. YotoPhoto can be great resource for bloggers and designers. I was looking for a decent image for my new design. I initially tried using Google’s Image search. I was fed up with Google, since it had a