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Stixy, free-form collaboration and online sharing service

Stixy provides a new free-form approach to collaborate most of the day to date contents online with your friends, colleagues and family. Along with collaboration Stixy also provides online file sharing.

Stixy logoStixy provides a new free-form approach to collaborate most of the day to date contents online with your friends, colleagues and family. Along with collaboration Stixy also provides online file sharing.

Stixy is an online bulletin board application that features Stixyboard, a free-form drag ‘n drop bulletin board. Stixyboard is highly flexible and shareable web bulletin boards. You can invite more users to collaborate on your Stixyboard.

Stixyboard can be effectively used for multipurpose like creating a to-do list, planner, calendar, sharing photo album, sharing files and notes. These boards created can be utilized for individual or group purpose.

Stixyboard Screen shot

Stixyboard Screenshot

Key Advantages

  • Easy to use, this application can be operated easily by any level of computer user.
  • Very rich GUI, the user interface is really amazing.
  • Stixyboard can be either private or public (with or w/o authentication)
  • There is no limitation of Stixyboard currently that means you can share huge volume of files with your friends. They have only 10 MB per file limit on files.


  • No full screen support. For any rich Internet application full screen mode is required for desktop like operation.
  • Question on scalability: I’m sure they much have designed the application with scalability in mind but there was a little question during my test initially. The application didn’t respond and lost data when I was trying to collaborate a Stixyboard from two different systems at the same time.


Stixy would have a huge success if they can create a rich application for everyone’s daily use. I inferred following points would add more values to the Stixy, which is currently in beta.

  • Stixy can support more content types including video and music.
  • Stixy need to have a web-based drop zone to drop the files that need to be added to the Stixyboard.
  • Stixy would need a preview tool for viewing documents, playing music and videos etc. Just for the shake of previewing a Stixyboard I won’t prefer to download the entire content to my local.
  • Stixy need to collaborate with other online services to create more sophisticated and rich application. My personal favorite would be adding Picnik for image editing.
  • Stixy also need to syndicate the Stixyboard update so that users can keep track of their related Stixyboard.

Bottom-line, Stixy is currently in beta; I expect more functionality to be added to Stixy in near future to make it rich Internet application.

Have you tried Stixy? If so what is your feedback?

ByteSwap, organize and share your bytes easily

ByteSwap is very new online service that allows people to organize the information they wanted and let them share across their friends and ByteSwap community. ByteSwap is newest approach for a tradition concept.

ByteSwap ByteSwap very new of its breed and is been released couple of days back. I’m very pleased to try out the service they provide. ByteSwap is unique by this way, they allow you to organize / store and share your content. ByteSwap can be your personal storage medium and bookmaking tool at the same time.

ByteSwap allows you to add any content that you would like to organize. ByteSwap allows you to manage Contacts, Photo, File, Link, and Article Reference. ByteSwap also says yes for your favorite recipe or if you have silly things to organize or share using Free form text note option. Founder Matt Brown tells, “Think of ByteSwap as a virtual file cabinet or a personal search engine”.

ByteSwap Screenshot

ByteSwap also has an option to build an online community around like-minded people using ByteSwap Groups. Groups allow you to share your content across other people. Also you can add your friends / colleagues as you connection. The community suggestion feature would recommend the relevant content for logged in users using their interested topics.

ByteSwap also has a powerful search feature that allows you to search across the personal and community content. It redefines the way to search and would find you most relevant information from your friends and public. ByteSwap also features traditional folder structure to organize content for easy access.

Finally, ByteSwap is FREE for limited usage and has a premium account for heavy users.

Suggestion / Feature Enhancement

ByteSwap team has really put the their efforts on their new service. But as always I say “there is always room for improvement”. ByteSwap team is very keen in listening to feedbacks. Here goes my suggestion and feature request that I would like to see from ByteSwap.

Social Elements
Social element is a key factor when it comes to online community building. ByteSwap has to capitalize on this as well. The ByteSwap community would like to know more information about the user who is sharing the information to the community. ByteSwap can improvise this by adding user profile, user picture, user feeds etc. ByteSwap can introduce Social button would enable add link directly from any blog. This would help them build an authentic community around ByteSwap.

Preview Option
BtyeSwap can provide preview on items that has been added / shared across the community. They might include but not limited to picture, video, text or a link. This is good at usability standpoint and users would love it so as me.

User Interface
The user interface adds value to any online system and this is more emphasized in web2.0 era. ByteSwap is easy to navigate around but might be missing sophisticated features.

Browser Add-on
Most of the communities are success today with a browser add-on. ByteSwap can also come with a browser add-on that would enable user to share contents and get community suggestions.

Widget Support
ByteSwap can allow users to create a widget around their public content. This would enable the ByteSwap users to share across their blogs. This would add more meaning to social content.


ByteSwap would let you easily organize your content anything (I love the recipe item) more effectively. Also their search enables the users to find the information more relevant to them. Bottom-line, ByteSwap has lot of areas to improve and if they do they would be unique and best of all.

Have you ever tried any similar service like ByteSwap? Try ByteSwap and share your thought.

This is a sponsored post.

DivShare–a new free, clean, fast file sharing for everyone

DivShare is yet another free online file hosting service similar to or

DivShare.comBut I would say, interface of DivShare is much better and clean than other similar service. Also this has more unique advantage compared with others.

Here is the few unqiue features I see over other file hosting providers.

1.The files stay online forever even if they are inactive for long period. (RapidShare deletes during the inactivity period)

2.You can upload unlimited number of files but has 200MB file size limit (RapidShare has 100 MB)

3. You can upload mostly any file extension. It has enhanced support for audio and image files. You can also describe your files.

4. You can upload and embed audio file directly to your site. Learn about it here.

5. You can create image galleries and thumbnails.

6. You can keep your files private. This is an easy way to share files between friends and family.

7. No pop-up ads or spam or wait time. I’m not sure how long this will exists true J

Now it has the really cool feature for bloggers, you can directly integrate DivShare with WordPress using the DivShare Uploader plug-in. The plugin was officially released couple of days back. This can be used as replacement for WordPress attachment and will really help you in saving lot of web space and bandwidth.

Most importantly you can get a DivShare account for free. Sign up now.

Top 10 Popular Torrent Sites of 2006

A top 10 popular torrent sites list of 2006

As we’re close to New Year, I decided to put up a comprehensive list of torrent site that were popular in year 2006.

The criteria I used to evaluate these torrent sites were; ease of use and searching, speed of access, information provided about the files, information provided about the current torrent status etc. Moreover traffic ranking was taken into account for the list.

Mininova The ultimate BitTorrent source!Mininova is simple to use and biggest torrent listing sites. The site started in January 2005 as a successor SuprNova, It is a directory and search engine for all kinds of torrent files. Visitors of mininova can anonymously upload torrents to this site, tracked by any BitTorrent tracker. The word ‘mininova’ ranked 9 on Google’s list of most queried terms in 2006. Mininova is our top picks for this year.

TorrentSpy.comTorrentSpy is a popular BitTorrent indexing Web Site. It hosts torrent and provides a forum to comment on them, as well as a graphical portrayal of how healthy the torrents are. Torrentspy was as popular as Mininova and made it to 2nd place.

ThePirateBay - Download music, movies, games, software! The Pirate Bay - The worlds largest BitTorrent trackerThe Pirate Bay (often abbreviated TPB) is an Internet site that bills itself as the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker, and also serves as an index for torrent files that it tracks. Due to BitTorrent’s ability to handle extremely large files, it is popular for sharing large music sets, movies and software as well as Linux distribution discs.

isoHunt - World's largest BitTorrent and P2P search engineisoHunt is a popular BitTorrent index. isoHunt is one of the most popular search engines for BitTorrent links. The website has been sued for copyright infringement recently. Isohunt has a large collection of varied content.

Demonoid - The best private torrent sourceDemonoid is a popular private BitTorrent tracker for the peer-to-peer distribution of files. The website features a publicly accessible search engine, although membership is required to download more than three torrents per week. Demonoid will allow user registration only on Friday’s. Demonoid is a private BitTorrent tracker, however it also indexes external torrents that make us to place them in 5th place.

Torrentz - Torrent's search engineTorrentz is a popular Torrent indexing and Torrent search engine. It does not help to track your torrents. The torrent search engine is more advance as it allows you to search for files within the torrents. If you’re looking for unique stuff you should prefer this site.

TorrentPortal - BitTorrent Search IndexTorrent Portal is famous for holding large number of active torrents. The search feature gives powerful options to its users. The torrent portal is ad supported for standard Free members.

8. - Torrent ListingTorrentBox is your best source for the greatest torrents. TorrentBox also lets users to track their torrents. TorrentBox also features a forum, directory and simple search engine for torrents.

TorrentReactor News - Latest Torrents - Torrentreactor.TO - The most active torrents on the web TorrentReactor has the comprehensive listing of torrents. The site claims it has the most active torrents. TorrentReactor was much popular in the beginning of year, but still managed a position in the top list.

Torrent Search Engine Searcher - Torrent Scan TorrentScan is gaining popularity these days. TorrentScan scans across all the popular bit torrent search engines. It has comprehensive collection of torrent search engines, which make the user to get their required torrent with ease.

Special mention goes to was one of the popular torrent search site and my favorite during the start of year. It has lost completely the popularity now because of reliability issues.

Warning: is not accountable and responsible for the content of any site that has been listed above., My favorite internet music station

Pandora is an automated music recommendation service based on previous users selection and free Internet music radio service created by The Music Genome Project.

Pandora is Music discovery service uses an open-source development platform to connect users to the songs they love. Listening to music in Pandora is much easier; trust me. It will just ask you to enter the name of artist or song title. Pandora service will instantly creates a radio station that plays songs that share musical characteristics associated with the artist or song provided. You can tell them your taste using their Feedback system on each played songs. You can also skip from hearing the particular song if you dislike.

The site stats says,

“A user can make up to 100 unique stations that play all kinds of music — pop, rock, jazz, electronica, hip-hop, old and new — from a library of more than 300,000 songs from over 10,000 artists.”

This is amazing! Isn’t? Do you like to Explore Pandora, read a good O’Reilly article; Inside Pandora: Web Radio That Listens to You.

The coolest part is Pandora is completely web-based and you need not install any software to start listening to music. Conrad says, “Lots of other people have already done that. We wanted to build something that was really, really simple — sort of a one-click radio [station].” Conrad is Chief Technical Officer at Pandora.

Out of curiosity about this uncommon name Pandora, I just researched on the same. In ancient Greek mythology, Pandora, whose name means “all gifted,” received many gifts from the gods, including the gift of music from Apollo. She was also very curious. Unlike those gods of old, who were displeased with Pandora’s curiosity, the developers of say they celebrate that trait and have made it their mission to reward the musically curious with a never-ending experience of musical discovery. If you like to know more about the Greek Pandora read This Wiki page turned out interesting in finding more other stuff with name Pandora.

Bottom line, is a free and ease to use internet radio service that can play my favorite music.

Next time if you’re looking to play music online, go to

Update : Pandora is not available outside the US

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