DivShare–a new free, clean, fast file sharing for everyone

DivShare is yet another free online file hosting service similar to rapidshare.de or yousendit.com

DivShare.comBut I would say, interface of DivShare is much better and clean than other similar service. Also this has more unique advantage compared with others.

Here is the few unqiue features I see over other file hosting providers.

1.The files stay online forever even if they are inactive for long period. (RapidShare deletes during the inactivity period)

2.You can upload unlimited number of files but has 200MB file size limit (RapidShare has 100 MB)

3. You can upload mostly any file extension. It has enhanced support for audio and image files. You can also describe your files.

4. You can upload and embed audio file directly to your site. Learn about it here.

5. You can create image galleries and thumbnails.

6. You can keep your files private. This is an easy way to share files between friends and family.

7. No pop-up ads or spam or wait time. I’m not sure how long this will exists true J

Now it has the really cool feature for bloggers, you can directly integrate DivShare with WordPress using the DivShare Uploader plug-in. The plugin was officially released couple of days back. This can be used as replacement for WordPress attachment and will really help you in saving lot of web space and bandwidth.

Most importantly you can get a DivShare account for free. Sign up now.

12 thoughts on “DivShare–a new free, clean, fast file sharing for everyone”

  1. Maybe, else.. I see no way they are going to cover their bandwidth cost. With no much text content, they will have a hard time monetizing it.

  2. Well, they are really good and the speed at which they roll out updates is even nice!!! However, the only negative which they have right now is that they don’t have resume supported downloads. I think if they can integrate that then it will become the best !

  3. Mayank – They are really fast with the new updates; It has the capability to beat others in the game. I especially like the gallery, sound and video embedding feature.!

  4. Alex – Thanks for sharing. But DivShare is far better I believe. I really hate the limit timer and ads placed around 🙂 Couple of feature looks interesting in MOMUpload as well.

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