– A free website-monitoring service is a FREE beta web monitoring service provided by Zoho, a online collaboration leader.

I should have mentioned about this service long time back but unfortunately I realized the importance of similar service only after my site faced a server downtime. Thanks for for alerting me on the event. I have being using this service effectively for past couple of months now.

This is another 100% FREE service provided by Zoho.There are several website that provide similar service. I personally prefer Site24x7 among them. Checkout the features page to find out why you should give a try too.

I would consider the SMS alert feature as a very good value add; it wouldn’t allow you to have a good night sleep if something is wrong in your site 🙂 Website owners will know about the importance of site uptime and I’m not going to write about it here. Site24x7 will alert you by email or sms. You can have multiple email or sms to which alert has to be sent.

A noticeable feature about site24x7 is its simplicity, i would say. It’s every simple to setup a site for monitoring. To setup a website for monitoring provide the website URL and then the polling frequency. You’re all set. This is pretty easy for any novice user.

With advanced configuration option you can specify the events for which you need to receive the alert. You can use the advanced option very effectively. It helps in lot of ways, the keyword options will let you not to loose the rank in search engines. Also you can get alerted for bad response time. In the option page you will be able to add multiple email ids. Also you can choose which form submission method you want to use. If your website is secured site, you would be able to provide the authentication information as well.

Recently, I found a option for monitoring the web application. For this you need to record the sequence of web application UI. I have never tried this till now. But would be worthy for guys who are running e-commerce site.

Sample Status Report

Site24x7 also has the option of emailing you out weekly / daily report. You will be also check out the archived stats online in their site.

Folks, If you are owning a website then I would highly recommend you to check this out.

Thanks Site24x7

Monitored by: Site24x7 - WebSite Monitoring Service

Update: is no more completely FREE. Now they have a option for buying SMS credit.

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    Well had a look at basicstate, I would say the site still stay in basic level too. The UI should be improved much better so what someone would give a real try rather than going with Site24x7

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